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    NCE Necromunda Community Edition

    This item from the 2021 changelog hasn't actually made it into the 2021 version of OCE. ;)
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    Very nice job! Also, that would make one sweet bong. :LOL:
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    Mick Jogger would have totally spared Dickie Spineblast if he'd know about the flamboyance of his wardrobe! Respect. 😆 It's the Malo way, or the highway!
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    Necromunda Troll vs Clone vs Mad Hatters vs Dumpers

    Did Daggoo start as a Heavy?
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    Necromunda Troll vs Clone vs Mad Hatters vs Dumpers

    Did you follow the rules?
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    Necromunda Troll vs Clone vs Mad Hatters vs Dumpers

    Haha! Much like the infamous Mick Jogger went from plucky Guilder-Dangerous-slaying juve to full-on bad-ass gang leader over the course of 2 TribeMeets! (y) The only down-side, is he would cost half your starting gang.
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    Tribemeet 2020-21 Buildup & Story

    Some hivers saw the rising waters as their doom. Others saw it as an opportunity to do some awesome raft racing!
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    Tribemeet 2020-21 Buildup & Story

    First outing for the Rolling Stoners, trying to intercept a precious package carried by the Ripflow Sharks. Soon into the battle a fierce, yet strangely alluring, Sump Angler Frog appears. Djanjo is gobbled up and never seen again. Bebop thinks twice about his chances, and decides to run...
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    Tribemeet 2020-21 Buildup & Story

    The night before TribeMeet, constructing Metro Morph terrain, kits kindly donated by Crowd Forge Studio:
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    The ancient drill buried for centuries beneath Fury's Rest shudders to life and roars its way through the nearest wall, carrying the few survivors of The Flood with it.
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    Meanwhile atop the once grand governor's palace in the centre of Fury's Rest, Governor Furiosa contemplates her position with a handful of remaining guards.
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    The waters in Fury's Rest are rising, and Furiosa knows the only way out is through the top.
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    Unfortunately, some of the surviving gangs have also heard rumours of the escape route, and congregate on the palace.
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    Monsters swim up from the murky depths, snapping at the heels of the escaping gangs