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    Capitan's Necromunda

    Good stuff. How much of that stuff you chucked out have you now realised you actually need....? ;)
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    Necromunda Warburton's painting thread

    Thanks! :) Where do I sign up for this Mad Max Challenge?
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    Necromunda Warburton's painting thread

    Looking forward to seeing them ;) - glad you like mine! :) Thanks! I tried to keep it fairly anonymous so it could be used for a variety of things, from Arbite commander's car, to ganger's drag racer....
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    Necromunda Warburton's painting thread

    Time to finally make a contribution of my own.... A 40K staff car, inspired by Mad Max. More info on my blog if you're interested.
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    Competition YakTribe Competition 7 "House Of Cards"

    Great work everyone, congratulations to the winners. I'm just sorry real life prevented me finishing my entry in time; but, there's always next time ;)
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    Straps, Chains & Mohawks: Kitbashing Goliaths

    Great stuff! Thanks for the explanation too, very useful. :)