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    Heresy miniatures Trenchcoat gang - fiddly weapons

    I'm in Australia but if you want I can help you out, it will be 12-20GBP in shipping though (AusPost estimate depndant on if it passes as a letter) so it may actually be cheaper to just buy the Guns from Heresy
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    Heresy miniatures Trenchcoat gang - fiddly weapons

    Where abouts are you located baxio? I have spare weapons (including hands) for those
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    Treat it the same as an Oddmob in Dugganob
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    GorkaMorka Zeebogie's Gorkamorka Thread

    Nah they are a mix of Kromlech (Big ones) and Puppetswar? Apparently the puppetswar ones are out of production though (not 100% sure they are puppetswar got them from a different source)
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    GorkaMorka Zeebogie's Gorkamorka Thread

    Added a bunch of squigs to the mix
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    GorkaMorka Zeebogie's Gorkamorka Thread

    Well started this for Yakday 2020 didn't get it finished in time (or WIP pics) but means now we can play Hunt Da Dred. Lo e this old Dred model, think its lack of cartoonyness is better than the new dred model
  8. Ork dred

    Ork dred

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    _Ork Dred

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    Slaver Mob

    It would be massively overpowered in terms of shooting, Rebel Grot mobs cover this by limiting long range guns to the Head Honcho and Bannawaver, Ork mobs don't so you could effectively make a starting mob (assuming you charge 12 for the Slaver/Nob) of: Trukk w big shoota 35 Slaver w shoota &...
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    A question on base size

    If you want to save yourself some money on bases for flat discs search on ebay for 25mm counters
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    Necromunda Zeebogies NecroThread

    Yeah basically, its like a big sticker sheet, I may weather them up a bit to to get some texture but for the cost and effort they do the job
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    Necromunda Zeebogies NecroThread

    So I had the cheap ZM walls sitting in a box for ages with no progress then stumbled upon rolls of $5 contactiin Bunnings in industrial metal sheets look, 2 rolls and about an hour or so's work and the whole set is suitably done. So in total a full ZM wall set for under $25AUD
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    GorkaMorka Zeebogie's Gorkamorka Thread

    This is both the luggaz with no crew
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    Empty Luggaz