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    2019 LGC Campaign warband options.

    The beastman list doesn't allow any missile weapons on Ungor, and the club hasn't house ruled it, it's not something I agree with, but I'll see how the warband works without it with a few pre-campaign friendlies this month. I think a lot will depend on the campaign setting as mentioned above...
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    2019 LGC Campaign warband options.

    The group is not really competitive other than the profusion of Lucky Charms already mentioned. There is a possibility that this years campaign will be set in Lustria, rather than the Old World, which is why I was thinking about Lizardmen, not sure how much use I will get out of the aquatic...
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    GorkaMorka terrain resources

    Hmm, no edit option, sorry for the double post. Just found this option, a bit pricey, but no painting required, 4 buildings and a heap of walls
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    GorkaMorka terrain resources

    Don't forget to look for terrain suggestions aimed at WW2 gaming in North Africa either, especially the following: - Mud Brick House -...
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    2019 LGC Campaign warband options.

    As my LGC is starting an 11 month Mordheim campaign this February, I have been considering my warband choices. I had very little luck with the Undead last year, so I am debating between Beastmen and Lizardmen for 2019. I have drawn up 2 starter lists, below, and am seeking advice from the tribe...
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    we need rules for the new Kharadron Overlords (steampunk dwarfs in the hive?!?)

    I'd use them as Venators with an Orlock house "legacy" for the leader to reflect the mining connection. Brawn and Savvy primary skills, likely Shooting and Ferocity secondary sets. Am-bot (Ancestor pattern mining drone) for the big guy if taken
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    N18 Advice on models to begin chaos cult in underhive

    NorthStar miniatures sell a sci-fi upgrade kit for the FG cultists, that you may find useful. I'm pretty sure the frostgrave models are a little smaller than current Necro models, but I don't have any readily to hand to know for sure, and it's really only an issue IMO if your opponent objects to...
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    Recruiting Chaos Cultists - any advice?

    You may find a regular cult member and a head from a GSC neophyte/Delaque sprue may be an easier/cheaper/more fitting option, I don't think the hazard suits on the GSC models really fit with a witch image.
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    Necromunda Terrain detailing bits

    Have you seen the Maelstroms Edge terrain sprue?
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    N17 WeRT MDF / HDF terrains

    These look great, downloaded for when I can track down a laser cutter. Just a thought, any chance of some detail plates to hang on the open pillars to cover up those locking holes?