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  1. cardyfreak

    N18 Multiple Injuries

    As Kiro said, you only roll one recovery dice.
  2. cardyfreak

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I have altered GSC and Chaos Cultist Ganger types to have uniform access to special weapons as per Book of Ruin. Players who wish to play GSC or Chaos cult with House Of... specialist Ganger restrictions can simply allocate the fighter as a specialist using that option. I’m also realising that...
  3. cardyfreak

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I’ll definitely be sorting the GSC and Chaos guys out to match Book of Ruin, I inputted that and have used the same method as House Of... which is incorrect. I think it will be resolved as you say, just want to run it past the tech-priest to ensure I’m not committing some techno-heresy that...
  4. cardyfreak

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    When I inputted weapon restrictions I definitely didn’t take this into account, so thanks for pointing this caveat out, and any others who have and I’ve missed the point 😂 I’m running it past the boss to see how to proceed, I personally like having less clutter where weapon options are concerned...
  5. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    I think we’re branching off into new thread territory regarding weapon lists and trading posts.
  6. cardyfreak

    Airbrush Buying Advice for the Troll

    I found getting a secondary moisture trap to fit below the brush helped with keeping the thing from sputtering blobs of paint all over as pulses of liquid worked their way through the tubes. My compressor has a trap but definite improvement after secondary one was fitted. An enclosed thingy for...
  7. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    Ah yeah sorry I’m mixing subjects. I was referring to the tools now being able to give items different prices between Ganger types, so wargear that is cheaper for one fighter type is pointless due to the ‘stash’ shenanigans GW have left open to be exploited.
  8. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    The new back end tools Malo created to encompass the new House Of... books allows much more granular control of prices and item availability so when Artifice is inputted the tools will reflect the book.
  9. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    Unless anyone has any major complaints I’m going to split all the conversion chat into its own thread in the M&T forum. It’s all useful stuff but sadly out of place in this thread.
  10. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    I’m just catching up with this thread and it’s swerving all over the place topic-wise. Thankfully the book is coming out tomorrow so there’s no point locking it but please keep this thread beard and mullet based, I t’s currently a mish mash of like fifteen different threads 😂
  11. cardyfreak

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    There are two profile options for ganger equivalents in each gang; regular and ‘specialist’. Regular Ganger profiles don’t have access to special weapons, the specialist profiles do. With chaos cultists, helot cultists don’t have special weapons, helot specialists do.
  12. cardyfreak

    Surviving Covid-19 - Yak Support Network!

    Old model chat moved to the mini’s and terrain forum.
  13. cardyfreak

    Bug GSC acolyte early gen. armor issue

    Working for me now 👍🏻
  14. cardyfreak

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    If you take a photo with your phone and it’s portrait you need to rotate it when you upload. If you take the photo landscape it uploads without needing rotated 👍🏻
  15. cardyfreak

    Bug GSC acolyte early gen. armor issue

    I’ve had a look through and added the missing pistols for the Neophyte Hybrids. The armour however is a different story. It should be showing up as it was already allocated to the fighter type but I see it isn’t showing up in the gangers equipment. @Malo this may need your sorcery to resolve!
  16. cardyfreak

    N18 House of Iron Orlock Gang Build

    Moved from HoI discussion thread.
  17. cardyfreak

    My 12 year old daughters Escher Gang.

    There’s a future eavy metal painter there perhaps. Golden demons await!
  18. cardyfreak

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The House of Iron

    If you do, you’ll have to allocate one skill to his left fist, the other to his right 😂
  19. cardyfreak

    Necromunda Cardyfreak's Necromunda plog

    Totally missed the chance to put a large ginger moustache on the bugger, havent I? 😂