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  1. Krenie

    Necromunda Escher Scavvies Delaque

    Go for it mate - I probably have more than enough projects for now. Best of luck.
  2. Krenie

    Necromunda Escher Scavvies Delaque

    Interested in the Escher - PM sent :)
  3. Krenie

    Shadow War: Armageddon General Discussion

    This is just crazy - What other company out there frustrates their customer base with such regularity that is still in business? Bummed about not being able to get a copy.
  4. Krenie

    Yakday Peterborough 2017

    What a great idea! I would love to attend but am way over here on the east coast of the US.... I may have to ply the wife with some snakebite to see if I can head over to the oldworld hive. Just a thought for the Lord Helmawr and the esteemed committee, what about a partial funding of the event...
  5. Krenie

    Status of Yaktribe Mordheim roster

    Hi Malo, This site was already absolutely great and the incorporation of Mord/GoMo is going to propel it off the chart! The Yak Tribe just keeps getting better and better. That said I may have either found an issue with the Mordheim warband creation function, or confirmed the assertion my wife...
  6. Krenie

    Adventures in Middenheim

    Hey Yaks, Just wanted to throw a few shots up of another project. I was surfing on ebay and ran across this group of Mordheim Middenheimers. They were all beat up and missing arms so I was able to get them very cheap. This seems to be my favorite type of mini as I see them as someone else's...
  7. Krenie

    What a Heap

    This update has been a long time coming as I have gotten distracted with other projects, but regardless here are a couple more guys I have been working on. As you can see they all still have the grimy wasteland rebreather theme going on. The one guy has a slightly shortened siege drill that I...
  8. Krenie

    W: Cawdor Heavies, Ratskin w Lasguns H: Various Mordheim, various of all common Nec' gangers

    Let me know if you still need the cawdor launcher or if the Mordheim minis are still availalbe. I would be happy to buy them off you!
  9. Krenie

    Mordheim H: Mordheim - W: Cash or BFG

    Hi - Is this lot still available? if so I am interested.
  10. Krenie

    Necromunda Photobucket of my selling/trades Necromunda/Mordheim - models for EVERY gang to trade!

    Hi Noobzilla - I have a cawdor grenade launcher I would like to trade for some of you Mordheim models. Are you still trading/selling via this thread?
  11. Krenie

    Necromunda Cardyfreak's Necromunda plog

    Cardy - That looks like a proper cave - not sure I would have guessed you the sort ;) Nice Millisaurs mate!
  12. Krenie

    What a Heap

    Thanks Trollmeat - I will keep everyone posted as I go. I got them from a few places - For the shovels I got them from a bit seller online who had broke up some IG kits for resale. Ref this link. As mentioned the shovels look small for the heroic 28mm minis - but they would probably be...
  13. Krenie

    What a Heap

    That is awesome Yetibruce - I would love to have a collection of the old squats. Those minis were just great! I can check for you - I think that I might have an extra militia crossbow that I can send your way.
  14. Krenie

    What a Heap

    Thanks Nooker - that is a pretty sweet model. I started to put together a ganger yesterday and realized the I hit a bump in the road. The IG Cadian shovel bits that I bought looked like miniature garden shovels. I think I will have to sculpt one.....No big deal...I can make it look more ash...
  15. Krenie

    What a Heap

    Hi Yaks, I have decided to build another gang that has been on my mind for a while. I plan on creating a Miner/Prospector themed gang. There seems to be an overabundance of fluff (and slag heaps) that support these activities in the hive and the ash wastes. I think I will model them with...
  16. Krenie

    W: Pit Slave Rock Drill H: Paypal

    Hi Yaks, I have aspirations of building a prospector/miner themed Gang and am looking to purchase a Pit Slave with a rock drill. If any of you have just the rock drill bit I would be interested in buying that too. Please give a shout if any of you have any laying around that you would like to...
  17. Krenie


    Man - Such a great read. As I read I was filled with nostalgia and happy thoughts of Necro gaming, but also a bit of sadness to read about just how quick GW moved on from this game. Clearly as displayed on this forum, this game still has legs and will have for years to come. Excellent job...
  18. Krenie

    Apologies as I have not been on the forum as much as I used to be and am slow in the reply. Good...

    Apologies as I have not been on the forum as much as I used to be and am slow in the reply. Good to know there is another Yak Tribe Necro fan close by. I checked out your other post about TNT and it looks pretty sweet. Give a shout if you want to get a game in sometime or just talk modeling. I...
  19. Krenie

    PDH - Scavvies

    Wow PDH1 - that is a serious gaming group you have there - awesome table and models. There are so many aspects to that page that are absolutely spectacular that I do not know where to start, even the poem to kick the page took me aback. Your Scavvy boss is boss - so well done with so much...