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    Using Warcry models

    not mine I have ordered a box of Untamed Beasts to make Diggaz. I have already seen it done. Looks great. I will have to get the bird people eventualy though. They're great. EDIT: Here are the photos from the Untamed Beasts Diggaz that I will copy/emulate/steal but with much more Ork and...
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    Inquisimunda Resources

    Does anyone know how I can get the Thorian source book from Gav Thorpe. Beside references to it and a picture of it‘s cover I can‘t find in digital or physical form anywhere.
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    GorkaMorka Morghot's Gorkamorka stuff - Skavanob Leader Snork finished

    I‘ve seen your Diggaz elsewhere too and absolutely love them!
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    N18 Need urgent help with creating a Chaos Cult gang!

    This cult is a lot of fun. Not a min max kind of gang, but not weak either. Thinking about replacing the shotgun zealot with a grenade launcher.
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    WHQ: Blackstone Fortress

    cheers. I'm now well passed the first half of the book. I like it a lot. I also got used to the "complex" vocabulary. The setting of Precipice and the Blackstone Fortress is so 40k Mordheim.
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    WHQ: Blackstone Fortress

    Has anyone read the novel AND played the game? Will I rob myself of anything if I read the novel before I play the game?
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    GorkaMorka Help me reverse engineer this Digganob

    That was amazingly quick and thorough. Thank you all.
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    GorkaMorka Help me reverse engineer this Digganob I want to copy this amazing Digganob as a special character / bounty hunter for our Necromunda campaign. He is a former sewage worker who found an orc artifact which took over control of his small mind. The base is a...
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    N17 It's called chaos. What did you expect?

    My Cult played N18 yesterday for the first time. I used a Witch with Warp Strength, Incendiary Charges and Flails and a Demagogue with Overseer. It was hilarious. Goliath ablaze everywhere. Like a Schwarzenegger birthday cake. Very Strong in ZM with the blast and new blaze rules. Especially if...
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    N18 Advice on models to begin chaos cult in underhive

    I bought Cultists from the Dark Vengeance Box on ebay and used Monsters from the old Doom Bosrdgame. Witches are from Forgeworld. You can really take and use whatever you fancy.
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    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    How would your leader be equipped at the start. I‘m very tempted to give mine a melta.
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    AoS28 and Mordheim2019

    this is great. Mordheim was my first true tabletop love when it came out. (after getting hooked by Necromunda a year before). Amazing atmosphere created by the rule book. I will follow this closely.
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    I just realised that the daggers irritate me (and the double dagger wielding guy in particular). They, combined with the pale skin, mislead me into the witch coven and cultist corner. I'm very curious how the impression shifts more strongly in the direction of elite criminal when we see the...
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    The fact that the arms seem to be part of the torso annoys me to no end.
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    I agree that they should have more moving poses or at least some of them. Personally I would also like them to be a bit more criminal and bit less culty (cultish?). But for me the general "feel" of them is nevertheless right. As I said, my idea of Delaque was always more creepy and sneaky and...
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    I really like them. They‘re not the only successful direction the redesign could have taken but these Delaque are great. I don‘t get the ninja acrobatic feel either. To me they were always sneaky back alley snipers with no sense of honor. And that‘s how I played them.
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    Speed Freaks boxed set?

    I have almost no experience with 40k but I'm intrigued by Mad Max Orcs and a Gorkamorka-Style game. I'd like to get one or two Speed Freeks boxes and maybe a big battlewagon. In case I want to bring the toys to a 40k table: Roughly, how many points (40k) are in the quoted picture? I know the...
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    N17 the Black Flame, my chaos cult

    The head grabber and the arm guard are both from Forgeworld. But they have been deleted from the catalogue recently for no obvious reason.