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  1. Thorgor

    Rules suggestions - Weapons, Wargear and Traits

    A thread for discussing all rules about items. I'll try and regroup here the suggestions that have already been made in other threads. I think general discussions about Blast, Template, Rapid fire and how they interact with Shooting can stay in the Shooting thread though.
  2. Thorgor

    Rules suggestions - Resolve hits

    It's hard to talk about Shooting and Close Combat without it bleeding into Hit resolution, so here goes a brand new thread!
  3. Thorgor

    N18 [N20] HoC Goliaths — Let's break those Chains!

    Okay, first things first. This is a minmaxing thread. I want to see how far the new Goliath rules can be pushed. For the time being, I don't care about fun, or fluff, or not being a dick, or whatever self-imposed limitation you guys may live by 😁 So, how broken can we make those new Goliaths...
  4. Thorgor

    N18 A full list of wyrd powers and where to find them

    The answer to "where to find the wyrd powers?" is, of course (in true Neomunda fashion) "all over the place, across multiple books". But more precisely, here is a comprehensive list of every page where Wyrd Power can be found in the N18 hardback books (softback books and pdf are not in the scope...
  5. Thorgor

    N18 Goonhammer article on skills

    The good folks at Goonhammer are at it again. This time, they talked about skills. I was particularly happy to read their final thoughts at the end, as it's a truth I've hardly seen expressed outside this forum before. Their ranking of skills could also prove an invaluable starting point for...
  6. Thorgor

    N18 GoonHammer article on tactics cards

    The good folks at GoonHammer have recently posted a very interesting article on tactics cards, including suggested house-rules for deck-building and a complete tier list of all currently available tactics cards (underdog tactics not included). I've not read everything yet, but they seem to have...
  7. Thorgor

    Necromunda When does a stiletto sword become a power sword?

    Branched off from incoming models discussion here. cardyfreak Escher don't have specific models for power/stiletto swords and power/stiletto knives. Similarly, Orlock have power/combat knives. That's not on the same level as the missing Delaque lasguns though, as the difference between a power...
  8. Thorgor

    Adepticon News

    You got some new information about the upcoming Warcry game, one faction in particular: So, the game will release this summer, and the red armoured dudes indeed hail from the Realm of Metal and are not affiliated to a specific Chaos god. More pics: Iron golems: They also have an ogre and...
  9. Thorgor

    New from GAMA Trade Show

    Some news has been unveiled for Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team: For Necromunda, nothing major yet. But a brand new Kal Jericho miniature is coming: For Blood Bowl, everyone's favorite joke team will be next: (I really like those sculpts. Miniature-wise, I think it's my favorite of the...
  10. Thorgor

    3rd expansion - Arena

    With all the talk about Ambull/bots and GSC, I don't think I've seem the new upcoming Kill Team expansion being discussed: I'm not really interested in that expansion but doesn't this board remind you of Heroquest's? I mean, it's also quite similar to the Rogue Trader's board (the...
  11. Thorgor

    N18 New post-compendium official FAQ

    There is a new FAQ in town lads, it was quick! And it even has designer's notes! (original WHC article) Confirms that: they intentionally removed the Brute Cleaver accuracy bonus the Blunderbuss profiles should have the Template trait Fearsome is only checked if the charging fighter roll...
  12. Thorgor

    The online Command Roster is up

    Finally! https://www.warhammer-community.com/CommandRoster/
  13. Thorgor

    Errata / FAQ

    The first official errata is available from the mothership here. The designers commentary (fancy name for a FAQ) has also been posted here. I've not read the whole things in details, but the changes I've seen seem sensible (for instance, the Inspiring perk now no longer works for the leader...
  14. Thorgor

    Astra militarum / Imperial guard team - C&C welcome

    I'm in the process of building the miniatures for my AM kill team. I'm building everything from 1 Cadia Command Squad and 1 Militarum Tempestus Scion box (minus 1 plasma gun that was claimed by my Escher gang) so I won't be able to change loadouts that much, and will be limited to 10 bodies (5...
  15. Thorgor

    Question Can you replace an image in the Gallery?

    This may turn into a suggestion if the answer is 'no', but maybe I'm just missing something obvious so I have to ask: Is there a way to replace an existing image in your gallery with a new file (similar to how you can upload a new version for a resource in the Vault)? I would like to do it for...
  16. Thorgor

    List of questions for a future FAQ update

    I've started compiling a list of questions that still need an official answer. I think it's best to start a new thread for this since the goal is different from the existing FAQ sticky thread (I just want to list all the questions, big and small, so that they can be sent to GW in a single...
  17. Thorgor

    Necromunda Weapon profiles

    Thorgor submitted a new resource: Weapon profils - All weapon profiles from UH, GW, GoL and WD Read more about this resource...
  18. Thorgor

    Weapon profile inconsistencies

    Edit: changed a few things to reflect the march 5th FAQ. Edit: changed a lot of things to reflect the updated profiles from GW3 (new items in orange) I crossreferenced the weapon profiles from all the available sources (Underhive (UH), Gang War (GW1), GangWar 2 (GW2), Gangs of legends (GoL)...
  19. Thorgor

    All card images

    As you may know, GW has recently put online a card library that displays images of all the cards (one at a time, in a tiny and impractical tooltip). As you may not know, this means they also put online sweet HD images of all the cards :) They didn't exactly make it simple to get the images url...
  20. Thorgor

    Thorgor's ever-growing pile of unfinished business

    Hello all! As it appears I keep buying/wanting new shiny things faster than I can paint them, me think some kind of progress log could help keep me motivated (but don't expect very frequent updates). Current state of affairs (2018-05-29): ToDo: Necromunda scratch built scatter terrain...