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  1. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Thanks! Will try to take some more pics! Its been a bit hard to get the momentum going in this campaign so far compared to the familarity with NCE. :)
  2. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    GM Comminucation: Not more than a few nights pass in the new unfamiliar lands of the annex dome. Blackwell reach the locals call it. A peaceful, spineless, and scared community of farmers, fisherman, scrappers, and traders in a resource rich environment. Your honcho thinks it’s worth...
  3. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Game 2 for The Reign in Blood vs the Sons of Samus. A border dispute over the Toll Bridge Territory. Soundtrack to scene: The Bridge. A critical choke point to safely passage between the new lands. Has the lodge made it in time to claim it as their own? They approach from the...
  4. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Domination from House Cawdor so far.
  5. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Round 2!!!! The Legendary Lifters call out Backdraught!! for the Wastes! The Sons of Samus call out the Reign in Blood for the Toll bridge The Venom Sirens call out the Saviours for the Bone Shrine. Results:
  6. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Reign in Blood vs The Saviours for the Collapsed Dome Soundtrack to scene: “Almost there… almost there.. “ Spirt in Blacks fingers hunting for that final hand hold. He laybacks over and lifts himself up on a big branch of the old dead tree. Below him Seven faces begins to preserve the...
  7. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    And the results.. Ill see if i can get the fellas to share their stories again!
  8. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    Ok Its been AGES!! An exremely stessful house move has derailed everything hobby.. but were slowly getting the wheels back on.. Last weekend we kicked off the campaign! With the gangs rushing over the makeshift debris bridge to claim some new unknown turf! Van Saar vs Delaque over the Tech...
  9. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    The final ACT of the Reign in Blood's backstory. The Lodge recruits the initiates. It needed a re edit so if it seems a little choppy its because i decided the original story was a little too insenitive and gave it a 180.
  10. Draconic

    N18 Corpse grinder alternate minis?

    I used a few khorne minis (slaughterpriest and aspiring deathbringer), the unmade warband from warcry, gene stealer cult minis, and an iron golem so far. In the end i didnt use a single grinder mini weirdly. The standard initiates really feel like bobbleheads to me. :)
  11. Draconic

    Help with terrain

    Thanks @Unslain Heres a link to some pics of the files. If you want them just send me a PM for a link to them. They are about 30meg i think from memory. https://slavetothewip.wordpress.com/my-digital-mats/
  12. Draconic

    Comment by 'Draconic' in album 'Terrain'

    aww thanks mate! finally finished my house move so hopefully ill have some new stuff to post up :)
  13. Draconic

    Airbrush Buying Advice for the Troll

    Yes completely 😁. The nozzle is where a lot of blocks happen so if you can quickly screw off the front cap pop the nozzle and brush out the debris in there you can get going again quite quickly. I liked how Kenny’s early videos showed how dirty the process was, how he would clear slight blocks...
  14. Draconic

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Thank you fellas! :giggle: I have been a bit of a ghost on here but hopefully things will change once we resettle after the move. @Space Truckin Haha.. they have been focusing on the rules more than me whilst i still been painting and building so i think they are just outplaying me something...
  15. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    I thought it was iggy pop? 😅 it’s a slayer cover from their cover album undisputed attitude.. I’m still keeping with that theme for the gang. Although.. if you like the song listen to the lyric changes.. they are so naughty.. I picked the song as this version is “I’m gonna be your god”...
  16. Draconic

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Thank you fellas! I finished War Ensemble and put the champs backstory in the Dark Depths campaign thread. Im in a pretty big hobby funk right now. I think its mainly the stress of trying to find a new house as my partner and i are having a second yakling. The housing market is pretty...
  17. War ass

    War ass

  18. War - "Tigris of Gaul" Ensemble

    War - "Tigris of Gaul" Ensemble

  19. "Dying aint much of a living boy"

    "Dying aint much of a living boy"

  20. War right

    War right