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  1. Azzabat

    Does anyone use/recommend a Bandsaw?

    . so I’m looking to buy myself a small, bench top bandsaw to go with my scroll-saw. I want a really, REALLY small one (for cutting HD foam) as it’s not going in a workshop ... it’s going in my kitchen. I live in a bedsit so my kitchen doubles as a workspace. Or as my friend says ... I have a...
  2. Azzabat

    S.S. Doom-Barge and Crew

    Inspired by @Resmire I’ve decided to keep a blog of the S.S. (Sump Ship) Doom-Barge, her crew, and her ancillary vessels. I’ve recently been rewatching Firefly and re-reading The Tales of the Ketty Jay for inspiration and decided I wanted a main ship like Serenity/Ketty Jay with a pair of...
  3. Azzabat

    Troll Bridge

    . Just a reminder for those that might have missed it, (and those lucky enough to be in Oz) ... Troll Bridge is out in January. I think you can still get in on the download/DVD which should be released 1st November next year.
  4. Azzabat

    Bug Cannot stay logged in

    Every time I close my internet I get logged out, despite ticking the box to stay logged in. This only just started happening after a general update on my iPad.
  5. Azzabat

    Azzabats Halloween 2018

    So ... its a mere 56 sleeps til Halloween 2018, and since I’m not allowed to take part in Yak 25 :( I figured I’d do something towards my favourite time of year. For newer Yakkers, I love Halloween. Not your usual “I love watching Football”, not your Fanatical “I love my Football Team!”, not...
  6. Azzabat

    Azzabat’s Archives - Exhaust Tutorial

    EXHAUST / GUN BARREL TUTORIAL This is all stuff I’ve either been shown how to do by other people (I’d seriously look out for others here on YakTribe like @Kiblams, @maxwellrpower, and @ClockworkOrange, and Ian “Wazz” Wyatt on YouTube). I use a selection of tools such as these, And plastic...
  7. Azzabat

    Azzabat Asks ... Orks, Wotz Inna Horde?

    . By now you’ve probably realised I’ve got a bit of a thing for Orks. From Bikes an’ Buggies to Dragsta’s and Dreadnaughts. My problem is (just like an Ork) I have no direction in my builds, be it what I assemble, what it’s armed with, or even where it’s eventually gonna end up. So .. hot off...
  8. Azzabat

    Yak 24 - Azzabat’s Entry

    Having finished the music video, and before my Halloween stuff gets into full swing I’ve now got time to work on Yak #24. Fuel and Fire means only 1 thing to an Ork Tread Head like me .... SCORCHERS! A dirty great fuel tank on a dirty great weapons platform. Luckily I’ve recently finished...
  9. Azzabat

    Help needed resupplying my “loose” rivets

    Many, many moons ago, I bought some packets of “loose” rivets to aid in my scratch building. The white ones are 1.5mm and the Black 2mm. I’m getting to the stage now where these 2 baggies are all that remains of my stock. Sadly I never noted down where I got these from, and as I’ve swum...
  10. Azzabat

    Halloween 2018 - Advice on motors/gearing and animatronics

    So ... I’m working on some props for Halloween (I know ... it’s only 304 sleeps away and I’m leaving it a bit late again) and I’ve been thinking about messing around with animatronics this year. A small haunted bookcase where the books move in and out, a severed Zombie hand drumming it’s...
  11. Azzabat

    GW Scale Creep getting out of hand

    GW have just released their new Space Marines and I’ve gotta say ... they’re a bit on the large side! Source :
  12. Azzabat

    Azzabats' Archives

    Ladders and Ladder Rungs Following a request here's a little step by step on how I make my Ladder rungs. Tools and Materials: Drill with drill bit (1.5mm) Flat nosed pliers 16 gauge wire* Hollow plastic Q-tips (ear buds) or styrene rod Super-glue Ruler Pencil 1mm styrene sheet Spacer roughly...
  13. Azzabat

    Azzabats' Acoustic Achievements

    Thought I'd share with you all another music video I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Again, a lot of the stuff I was involved with is off screen, building the 'Black Room" for the actual filming, the backdrops, the tracks for the roller coaster car, and the castings of the skeletons. Oh...
  14. Azzabat

    Saturday 1st July - (Like the 4th, but less Gung-Ho.)

    Just a little reminder that tomorrow, 1st July, is Canada Day. But not just ANY Canada Day ... this year we are celebrating 150 years of being a country. (Inconsequential compared to dear old Blighty I know, but its a pretty big deal for us.) Us Canadians aren't as brash and "Gung Ho" as our...
  15. Azzabat

    Airbrush advice needed (large areas)

    As the title suggests I'm looking at getting another airbrush specifically for painting large areas (Large like A4 size) as I'm in the process of building a load of Sarissa / TT Combat town houses for a Zombie game I'm planning. I paint inside (I live in an apartment) so don't want to use spray...
  16. Azzabat

    Azzabat's Entry Comp 19 - Bitz Blitz

    I don't have a lot, if any miniatures in my Bitz Box. In fact ... I don't really even have a Bitz Box. I have more of a Bitz Drawer as I don't really convert miniatures. Terrain is more my forte. A more detailed look at some of the containers, Plus of course my off cuts / Bitz of rod and...
  17. Azzabat

    Ideas for attaching walkways and gantrys ?

    As the title suggests, I'm after some ideas for attaching walkways and gantrys to various types of terrain. My buddy and I are in the process of remaking all the terrain for our Wargaming club and we're trying to make it all as Squaddie Proof* as possible. We're using a mixture of Cities of...
  18. Azzabat

    Proud to be Canadian

    . In these troubled times ... a little reminder of why I'm proud to be Canadian. It's also why it pisses the hell,out of us when you confuse us for Americans! (Apologies to my Southern cousins.) . = )
  19. Azzabat

    A Funny Western Short

    i saw this and it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share.
  20. Azzabat

    So ... I (helped) make a thing.

    . It's not really wargaming, but I helped a buddy of mine with a music video a few months ago. It's finally been released and I can at last talk about it: My buddy is the Producer and previously did the video for Radioheads' "Burn The Witch". She originally asked me in to do a couple of...