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  1. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    Been off-world working on a painting project for a buddy (American Revolution historical figures of all things) and only just got this off the back burner. Tried something different than the usual Instagram fitness-model-hot, Digga I usually do. Pretty happy with it except that she ended up...
  2. Kon-rad

    Mutie Chariots

    I have a Mob of "Morker" Muties on skimmer bikes. I bet the Dust Rat ('oomiez wiv las-guns) mob might work too. Chariots would be awesome! I've considered making one for my Dino-Diggaz!
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    Grandma Digga
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  10. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    And jobs a good-un! I might sharpen up her horns , but that's about it. Now, to paint her up....and maybe play someday....someday....
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  17. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    As I had a bunch of brass tubing and my saw out for another project, so I decided to take the plunge and rig up the guns on the Digga I've had on the back burner. Because a pair of revolvers strapped onto the back side of a pair of bladed bucklers with loose trigger cables is very practical, not...
  18. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    Ooh! Those are inspiring! They will be something sort of in between all 3 of those. With lots of rivets of course.
  19. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    Have not been doing much Gomo recently, (or much hobby-ing of any sort) but did manage to get some pics of the latest Diggachick. I'm going to make some big, mean bladed buckler/glove things and do some more detail on the helmet. Have sort of run out of steam and am waiting for inspiration...
  20. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka YakTribe site creation

    " But bear in mind that we are eurotrash:) "" You should add that to your signature.:)