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  1. MancInventor

    Nights at the game table guide

    MancInventor submitted a new resource: Nights at the game table guide - Free guide from nights at the game table Read more about this resource...
  2. MancInventor

    Necromunda Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack

    MancInventor submitted a new resource: Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack - Additional rules for use during Tribemeet Read more about this resource...
  3. MancInventor

    Golden Yak Awards!!!!

    Everyone, Listen up! This is the voting for the 3 golden yak awards. More info shortly, along with the entrants. The poll will be updated to show all entries. It will then close at 3pm Sunday 17th (tomorrow!), so you the tribe can decide who has the best preacher, best zombies and best food...
  4. MancInventor

    Tribemeet Campaign Pack FAQ

    Fellow Yackers! Having just released the campaign pack for the UK Tribemeet 2019 event, I thought I should open an FAQ thread to discuss any queries. Post away your questions here and I will accumulate the FAQ in the OP.
  5. MancInventor

    TribeMeet South 2018 (Yakday)

    For those that really want to go to Yakday but can’t make it to Scotland because it’s just too darn far away, potentially, if there is enough interest, there will be a twin Yakday weekend down in Peterborough. The last couple of these events have been utterly fantastic and there’s no reason why...
  6. MancInventor

    N17 MancInventor’s N17 log

    Hi all, So, new Necromunda, new log! This doesn’t mean that I am abandoning my futile thread of unfulfilled and broken daydreams, but this one is going to be separate for my N17 gang(s). Well, @Yaksam and I, like so many others no doubt, got Necromunda Underhive from Santa. YakSam took the...
  7. MancInventor

    Necromunda THUNDERCUBE

    MancInventor submitted a new resource: THUNDERCUBE_draft1 - Draft copy of rules for the THUNDERCUBE Read more about this resource...
  8. MancInventor

    THUNDERCUBE mini game

    [Update] Draft version uploaded to the vault. The last 2 pages are for a roster and a quick ref that I haven’t put together yet. I would appreciate it if people can note any mistakes (spelling or otherwise) pick up any...
  9. MancInventor

    MancInventor's futile thread of unfulfilled and broken daydreams

    Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster yadda yadda and so forth. No, genuinely though, I have been a very long time admirer of the projects and blogs on this community, I just had to have a go at some point. So, before we start, I will just warn the intrepid follower that my blogs...