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    Question Viewing "liked" images

    Is there any way to bring up a list of images from the gallery that I've liked? I've looked a couple of times and can't see a way to do so.
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    Millisaur Doppleganger?

    Has anyone come across anything that approximates Millisaurs? I love the old models, but between the price per model on ebay and the fact that they're metal models (and I *hate* painting metal models), I'm not super keen to pick them up. My internet searches, which usually yield a tonne of...
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    N18 Slave Ogryn Gang

    Currently trying to build my slave ogryn box, and I don't like to do that without a gang in mind. I want to use at least one Stupid Welder, even if just because it looks awesome on the model. Current thinking was as follows: Overboss (Arc Welder, Furnace Plate) - 200 Underboss (Paired...
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    N18 [House of Chains] Goliath Gang

    Currently trying to figure out how to build a Goliath gang. I've got two potential builds below (although open to ideas). There are some things, however, I want to include in the list in one form or other: - a double-handed hammer (I don't mind if rules wise it's represented by a power hammer...
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    Hi all, So for the first time I'm trying to create a built-up scenic base for a miniature. I started out with Woodland Scenic's "Mold a Scene" plaster/card mix. I may well have been using too much water, but I found it very difficult to work with - not only did the slightest touch deform...
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    N18 Power Fists

    So, just checking the list of power weapons in the Gangs of the Underhive Supplement, there seems to be every possible combination of power weapon known to (the Imperium of) Man, except that the power fist seems (unless I'm totally blind) conspicuous only by its absence. Anyone have any...
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    Syringe Rifle?

    Has anyone come across a decent syringe-rifle type weapon? I'm looking to take a needle rifle for an Escher ganger, and I'm looking to find a bit for a gun that looks like it fires literal syringes.. I quite like the look of the DE hexrifle from the Wracks kit, although trying to find that as...
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    N18 MPC - Painting Log

    Hi all, I've just about finished converting a Cawdor gang (primarily to be covered in candles) and am about to move on to painting. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good OSL tutorial? I found a couple on youtube that explained the basic concept, but what I'm looking for is something a...
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    N18 Cawdor sprue - running models

    I get that it's all dynamic and that, but I really dislike this pose. It's so, so limiting in how you pose the arms, but the thing that really bugs me (and the point of this thread, really) is: what on earth do you do with the basing? The forward slant of the mini means that you're forced to put...
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    N18 Goliath Gang loadout

    Ok, so simultaneously with a starting Cawdor gang, I've also got some Goliath gangers waiting to be built. To that end, I've sketched out the below gang (skills still TBD) - any thoughts welcome. Leader - Combat Shotgun, Power Hammer. Champion - Grenade Launcher, Smoke Grenades. Champion -...
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    N18 First (Cawdor) Gang

    I've summarised my first draft of an N17 Cawdor gang below. Would appreciate any feedback (particularly on skill selection, but also more generally). The Lighted Wick: Leader (Mentor) - Hand Flamer, Axe, Reclaimed Autopistol. Champion (Headbutt) - Cawdor Heavy Crossbow, Reclaimed Autopistol...