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    N18 Newbie list thread

    Funny thing is Van Saars it's an only gang which I don't have yet. And my first go-to gang will be cawdor because cool conversions potential. So a good list for Cawdor especially would be a nice thing to see.
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    N18 Newbie list thread

    I don't get this. What if both sides have strong lists not just one?
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    N18 Newbie list thread

    That's a good one, thanks for a link. But maybe it's a proper time for more optimized gang lists then? With new FW kits and all bells and whistles? I have 6 out of 9 gangs (If I count it correctly) which are currently available. Except GSC band - they all are waiting in the sprues - my plan is...
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    N18 Newbie list thread

    Hello, just an idea. There are standard lists for Kill Team which newcomers could use as a "starting point" of creating their own. Maybe there is possibility for same thing for Necromunda? Some tested builds for both skirmish and campaign for all gangs. Many players ask the same questions in...
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    Last Chance Commanders.. what?!

    It's moving too fast, that's for sure. Everything is "limited" and we are bombarded with new stuff. So many expansions, damn.
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    Why Necromunda?

    Yeah, good games tell stories we remember for long time.
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    Why Necromunda?

    Love settings, fluff and idea of own "band" (gang), gaining experience etc. Always wanted to try this game and now I'm collecting all stuff related to new edition. Hope GW will support it forever.
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    Too many tactics cards
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    Too many tactics cards
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    Comment by 'MFMONK' in media '.'

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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Love Mordheim game (one of my all time favourites and I play A LOT as a video game designer), can't wait for Necromunda one.
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    Necromunda New Forgeworld heads for most gangs

    Great idea, poor execution. Like most vanilla ones more.