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  1. timdp

    Necromunda Weapon Ideas?

    Umm, was talking about a codpiece to cover his lack of twig and tackle... :D
  2. timdp

    Necromunda Weapon Ideas?

    Yeah, the helmet is too current. Add light(s) with battery pack on helmet or rear of harness, ear protection. Flip down eye piece? Needs something to protect the (apparently missing) family jewels... Perhaps a part of the revised harness? Upside down big tactical knife/machete on the harness...
  3. timdp

    The General Bargains on the internet thread (/Ebay)

    Plus £39 shipping, so £200!
  4. timdp

    Necromunda Sevastopol Sector terrain and gaming blog

    Will definitely burn a painted one to see what happens. This piece was a practice piece so did not do any detail on it at all. Real pieces will have more detail. Have lots of 3mm half round rivets that will get used, along with wire and other stuff... BTW the crackle effect works better on new...
  5. timdp

    Necromunda Sevastopol Sector terrain and gaming blog

    Yeah, its been a while... Been collecting (garage sales and Craigslist freebies) and buying PVC and ABS pipe for PIPEMANIA! Pipe pieces running from 1/2" to 4" Wanted to start with a small practice piece to work out textures, colors and sizes. Rough cut the pipe ends with an angle grinder...
  6. timdp

    Jaws' Necromunda project.

    Loving that paint job!
  7. timdp

    Comment by 'timdp' in media 'Lapis.JPG'

    More like I tried to repaint whatever was there to begin with and failed. This was a gift exchange mini so I have no idea what is under that paint. Maybe a face swap? 16
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