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  1. Forward Assist

    Wanted - Cadian Chimera Crew Skull Shoulder Pads

    Looking for a pair of the separate skull-embossed shoulder pads that came with the IG Chimera transport if anyone is willing to trade or sell, please?
  2. Forward Assist

    Wanted - FW Draykavac Abeyant

    Bit random but does anyone have a FW Archmagos Draykavac Abeyant (the circular platform he rides on) they'd be willing to trade or sell?
  3. Forward Assist

    Mek Workshop

    Don't have the permissions to post this in the News forum but this has been posted on WHC: A rich source of bitz!
  4. Forward Assist

    Necromunda WTB WH40K Baneblade Plastic Commander model.

    As above, really.
  5. Forward Assist

    N17 Forward Assist's Delaque Gang.

    Hey everyone. I've just started getting into Necromunda and have posted this on my WIP thread on the B'n'C but figured it'd be more at home here. So, here's Telemachus Delaque, AKA 'The Purple Punk'. When I was looking for bitz online, I came across some excellent Alpha Legion operatives...