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    Necromunda Magnetizing the new Zone Mortalis terrain?

    So I've split up a copy of Dark Uprising with some friends- one got the Subjugators, one got the Corpse Grinders, and I kept the terrain, campaign rules and 5 regular Enforcers to hopefully use as an Arbitrator tool/cudgel at some point in the future- and I'm looking into magnetizing them. As...
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    N18 Hangers-On and crew selection

    If Hangers-On are unlucky enough to be caught in a fight, GotU page 83 states they "must be included as a part of the crew." Do they take up a slot in scenarios with a cap on crew size?
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    Bug Hanger-On weapons

    I’m trying to add the gear for my Dome Runner and while the choice of pistol went fine, when I try to give him an axe, the menu of close combat weapons is all options for Brutes (Zerker fists, chemical breath, arc welders, etc):
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    N18 Specialist Games email address?

    This is an incredibly silly, basic question, but...where on earth is the Specialist Games email address for rules questions that various people on the forums have been mentioning? I sent in a short list to Forge World's email address, and was given the following list, which notably doesn't have...
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    N18 Delaque kit question

    I have a question about the Delaque sprues and the instructions (which are unusually poor compared to other recent GW kits): are the heads meant to go with specific necks, or the necks with specific torsos? I'm working on my second model (lots of tiny parts take forever to clean) and I had meant...
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    N18 First attempt at Delaque Please excuse the awful placeholder gang/ganger names; I did this in a bit of a hurry. I want to cover multiple threat ranges, be able to deny actions to the opposing player (between Overwatch, the grav gun and an experiment with a...
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    N18 Sniper weapons and fun: can they coexist

    I want to check in and see how other groups are dealing with long-ranged weapons like long rifles, heavy bolters/stubbers, and (in particular) the combination of these with the Overwatch skill. The situation I've been in is this: I set up a short intro campaign to try and interest folks in...
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    Necromunda Underhive terrain in progress

    This thread might be a little premature as I don’t have much actually done yet, but I want to keep track of my work and use it as a reference if necessary. I’ve started practicing for the terrain in my Underhive box by working on these old bulkheads (rescued from an Imperial firebase kit...
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    N18 Loss of a Leader in Chaos Cults?

    I'm starting a group playing N17/18 with a Last Gang Standing campaign adopted from the compiled N17 rules (as a Turf War spinoff, the campaign variant doesn't appear in the new books). Which means a lot of folks are going to die over the course of this very short campaign. My question is this...
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    Venator Arbites/Enforcers feedback

    I'm starting a short campaign soon to get my group (and myself) up to speed on the new rules and gauge interest/build excitement for a longer campaign heavier on Arbitrator scenarios and general hijinx. So far, I've got four players more or less locked- my own Goliaths, a Chaos Cult, a...
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    N17 Campaign NPCs and Hangers-On WIP

    This project started out with two goals- making an Uphive Agent and a set of bystanders for Down-Town Dustup- but spiraled out of control, partly because I realized getting stub guns for WYSIWYG townies would be difficult and the Orlock arms are a bit annoying to fit to other torsos. It’ll still...
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    Starting Escher- a few modeling questions

    I'm a newcomer to Necromunda- always loved the look of it in White Dwarf as a kid, but it was impossible to get hold of and even fewer people played it in Alabama than other GW games. I want to jump in to N17, with the goal of eventually rounding up some people for a campaign, but in the...