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    OOP Metal Necromunda and Plastic Figures and Blisters for Sale or Trade

    So I have some duplicates of various Necromunda metal figures (some still in blister pack). All prices in USD. Always willing to haggle. Will trade the scum for the other pair straight up (yours can be loose or painted). Five metal Cawdor gangers and juve with no bases $35 for the lot. Metal...
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    Necromunda Captain Brown Builds and Paints Old School Necromunda - Figures and Terrain

    I played the original Necromunda with my friends back in the mid-nineties, and we enjoyed it enough to ran a campaign and get everyone involved. So late 2019 I suggested we go back to our youth and re-start a Necromunda campaign. I asked the other members of my group to locate and possibly...