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    Stargrave (a.k.a. Frostgrave in spaaaaaace)

    Ok, there's been a bit of chat about the models in the new models thread (here), but I figured the game should have a thread of its own. I know several people here play Frostgrave already and/or have expressed interest in Stargrave. The game's not released until April, but Osprey have just...
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    Co-op games?

    Can anyone recommend games that can be played co-operatively, rather than competitively? I know Frostgrave has solo/co-op scenarios and I know of Rangers of Shadow Deep (but haven't tried that). I'm after more of this ilk, not necessarily fantasy. Anyone tried Nightwatch? Or suitable zombie...
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    Happy New Yak! Resolutions for 2021...

    Ok, I'll bite... What are people's resolutions (hobby and/or non-hobby) for 2021? I guess most will be pandemic-dependent, but let's hope this year sees a return to something more normal.
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    GW vouchers

    I just had an email from GW saying I'd get a £6 voucher if I place a £40 order. I assumed everyone else got similar, but going by my local group's FB page it seems the amounts people were offered differed (presumably based on order history). So, what did everyone else get offered?
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    New edition 2020

    There have been leaked photos and much discussion on FB, and no doubt elsewhere, so it looks like a new edition is coming. Still the same basic game, but it looks like a number of minor changes. AG and AV stats are now written as a target number and there's the introduction of a passing stat...
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    Deadzone - free rules

    I've never tried Deadzone, but I know some people here play it. I noticed that Mantic currently have a sale on many of their digital rules and, in the case of Deadzone, they're reduced from £20 to nothing. Seems like a good time to take a look if you are interested...
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    Made to Order

    I can't find the new models thread but, in any case, this isn't really new models. The Dark Vengeance models - including the OOP cultists - are currently up for order (£85): Maybe we can use this thread to spread news of...
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    Black Friday 2019 - good deals

    I've seen a few things mentioned in various places, but I thought it would be useful to keep it all in one place. So, why not post any good bargains here? To start us off, we have Mantic Games: And Warlord...
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    Using Warcry models

    Anyone reckon those chicken-like things* from Warcry (without the wings) would make good Mutie mounts? Some of the models would probably work for Diggaz too, if you don't mind that they might be larger than the Orks. (Diggaz are already wel lserved with Blood Reavers and the like.) *They're...
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    Warband lists

    I'm trying to create some warbands based on the models I have (which are mainly set up for Frostgrave). I'm trying to keep things reasonably WYSIWYG and not simply spamming the most optimal load out, but I still want them to be competitive. Here's the first attempt - Reiklander mercs 80 -...
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    Mordheim WTB Hobbit Goblins (UK)

    Hi all, I'm interested in some Middle Earth goblins - the Hobbit/Goblin Town variety, not the Moria ones. That is, these ones: Ideally after 12-18 on sprue. Bases not required. Now they're no longer in the current starter set, eBay...
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    Underworld or Goblins?

    I'm thinking that I could do with a new BB team, in particular a 'handicap' team that I could use when playing my girlfriend. I'm thinking either Goblins or Underworld. I have some experience playing against both, and know a bit about how they play on paper, but which is more fun? (I realise...
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    Introduction to Mordheim

    It seems that a few people in my Blood Bowl group might be interested in Mordheim. There's a mixture of people who have played the game before, but not in years (this includes me, though I don't think I've ever played a campaign - probably only 5-10 one off games) and a couple of people who've...
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    Mordheim Historical bits

    Does anyone know good sources for spare bits from historical figure ranges, like Fireforge? The multi-part plastic kits often come with multiple weapon options, but - having tried eBay and several Facebook groups - it doesn't seem like there's so much trading of spare parts (perhaps because...
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    Female Space Paladins

    I have no idea what these 'Sisters of Faith' could be used for... Probably not as nice as whatever GW will come out with, but probably half the price too.
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    Should I go for the 4th Catcher?

    After a summer hiatus, we've started a new league. I redrafted my Pro Elves, whereas I know at least two of the four coaches from the previous league have gone for new teams. (The other has yet to show up, so not sure what he's gone for.) This means I've been giving away a lot of inducements in...
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    If I want to use last season's Pro Elves in our coming season, then I need to go through the redrafting process. I have the rules for this, so I'm not after basic instructions, but I've never actually done it before. Any useful tips or advice as to how to do it well? Edit: As it happens, I just...
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    Reality's Edge

    I've not seen this on the Osprey site, but apparently next year (2019) they're due to release a cyberpunk skirmish ruleset by Joseph McGuire (author of This Is Not A Test). It will be in the hardback series...
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    Rule Query: 1 and 6

    For at least some actions, there's a rule that a natural 1 always fails and a natural 6 always passes. Call this the '1 and 6 rule'. Going through the CRP, this is stated in the sections on dodging, picking up the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball, etc. But, so far as I can see...
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    Next release: Dark Elves

    It looks like the next team (after Doom Lords) will be Dark Elves. I have to say that surprised me a bit, as a) they got a 'made to order' metal team and b) I was half-expecting them to be a resin upgrade on the Pro Elves. It looks like 2x (3 line elves, 1 runner, 1 blitzer, 1 witch elf) and...