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  1. timdp

    NCE Any one ever do an old school Escher with carapace armor?

    Need ideas for reasons... THX!
  2. timdp

    LRB War Cry campaign system?

    Has anyone taken a look at the campaign system for War Cry with the idea of adapting it to LRB or N18? The design description in the latest White Dwarf makes it seem interesting.
  3. timdp

    New Rustoleum Matte spray paints

    Got all excited at Walmart today! Rustoleum has come out with spray paints in a new Ultra Matte finish. They have produced similar colors in a satin finish, but it can come out a semi-gloss unless you are very careful. This stuff should be great for scenery and figures and is only $4 per can...
  4. timdp

    New Kill Team game and new terrain

    No discussion yet? Looks like some great new scenery.
  5. timdp

    Necromunda Hazard stripe yellows

    A word of advice for everyone doing hazard stripes... The yellow in hazard stripes is really more of a a yellow-orange rather than an actual yellow. Do what you want, but if you really want the stripes to read as safety stripes use a yellow orange. I have even gone as far a a yellow ocher color...
  6. timdp

    Differentiating the Imperial loyalist andf traitor red colored forces of 40K

    Alright all of you painters! Lots of different Imperial loyalist and traitor forces in 40K use red as the base uniform color: Adeptus Mechanicus Inquisition Adeptus Ministorum (Ecclesiarchy) Blood Angels World Eaters Word Bearers and a host of other loyalist and traitor Space Marine...
  7. timdp

    Necromunda Overhead atmospheric game table "sky"

    Thoughts on building an overhead table cover to limit overhead light, darken the table and create an more atmospheric gaming experience, but still allow enough light off of the table to easily read gang sheets and rules. This is a very rough concept at this point, but I though I'd throw it out...
  8. timdp

    LRB Need Heavy skill suggestions

    Escher Blondie (heavy stubber) rolled boxcars on her latest advancement roll and I'm trying to decide which skill table to roll on. She already has Armorer and Inventor. Roll on one the skill lists she can't normally get? Roll on Techno to get a second medic? If a Heavy rolls Fixer or...
  9. timdp

    LRB Anyone do well with a Medi-pack?

    Useful or over priced? Seems pretty situational since you need to be somewhat near the downed figure to use it.
  10. timdp

    Bug Ex-Juve with 21 exp still shows as Juve

    Black Banshees gang; ex-Juve Ice with 21 exp still listed as a Juve. Supposed to be a New Ganger at 21 exp...? Thanks, Tim
  11. timdp

    Bringing alternate figure activation into ORB/LRB/NCE?

    Given that the current state of rules in N17 is "not ready for prime time", has anyone looked at bringing alternate figure activation (but NOT the CC rules) into ORB/LRB/NCE? Might be something worth doing to get the flavor of N17 while waiting for the game to be fixed.
  12. timdp

    Necromunda Wanted: Single Piece Arbite w/bolter at high port

    Looking for this guy. Have plenty of the other two shotgun and bolter minis, but do not seem to have this one. Would like one or two. Have plenty of Arbites and other Necro trade goods. Thanks, Tim
  13. timdp

    Anyone done Escher/Goliath Legacy gang lists?

    Has anyone done Escher /Goliath versions of the Legacy gang lists? Looks pretty simple: Gang War skills list, ganger stats and costs, but using the Legacy Equipment List for weapons and gear?
  14. timdp

    Necromunda Wanted: Beastmaster Wyrd with horizontal staff

    Am looking for a genuine GW cast of the fig riding the rat. He normally has a staff pointing out to the left instead of the chainsword. The one I have is very soft and probably a recast. Have figs to trade and cash works too. Who has a spare? Thanks, Tim
  15. timdp

    Bug Move ganger up/down arrows in gang editor not working

    Minor detail, but as the title says the arrows are not working. A note pops up at the bottom of the page saying "Failed to move ganger."
  16. timdp

    Our Fury Road car build

    Been MIA here for the last few months. Have been real busy with house stuff, Santa Rosa fires and Wasteland Weekend (Mad Max in the California desert for five days) stuff. We built a Fury Road car and took Best in Show out of 135 cars. I think we are ready for live action Ash Wastes or Gorka...
  17. timdp

    Trade Tunnels for Settlement?

    Is there even any question? My Orlock gang (1591, experienced, but with a lot of losses) picked up an Isotropic Fuel Rod, so the obvious thing to do is trade my Tunnels in for a Settlement. Already have one Settlement and I like the tactical advantages of Tunnels. The extra 20 credits a battle...
  18. timdp

    Can a medic self medicate?

    (LRB rules) My leader (and medic) went out of action and rolled snake eyes on the Serious Injury table = dead. Was looking at the medic skill: "4. Medic The model has some experience patching up his fellow fighters. If your gang includes a fighter with this skill you can reroll a result on the...
  19. timdp

    Transferring weapons ganger to ganger?

    Was looking for rules on transferring weapons from ganger to ganger during a game, but I guess it can only be done between games (or with loot counters)? Was thinking about a weapons bearer for a HTH ganger that just got Specialist and a plasma gun. One of my tooled up HTH gangers (WS4, BS3...