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  1. Hansuke

    WarHammer 40k Marteau Galactique

    Hansuke submitted a new resource: Marteau Galactique - working files - A Grand Old French Game in the Language of the 41st Millennia Read more about this resource...
  2. Hansuke

    Quick Star System Generators for One-Off Battles

    My orders were to explore Star System 453 (Zleenteg). We came out of warp in Deep Space and then documented the one major component of each region (of which there are six). I rolled a 1D6 for each region to see if there were any items of interest. The science officer noted that there was a small...
  3. Hansuke

    Vehicle Armor 2nd Edition vs. 3rd/4th Edition

    Does anyone know of any discussions/background/research on the web detailing the crossovers from armor in 2nd Edition (approximately 10-22 based on a quick scan of some vehicle cards) to armor in the 3rd/4th Editions (9-14 on the VDR)? I can probably do a comparison chart, but I thought there...
  4. Hansuke

    Red Dwarf Hammer

    I was thinking about Red Dwarf and did some prelimanry work on the crossover from Red Dwarf RPG to 40K RT87. The first chart is my comparison chart and the second chart is my results. If anyone is interested in this, comments are welcome. I hope to create it in RT87 and then convert to 2nd...
  5. Hansuke

    Stealth / Cloaking Rules ?

    Does anyone know if there any rules that could be used for stealth or cloaked ships?
  6. Hansuke

    (40KRT87) Character generation for The Expanse

    I added some home brew rules for character generation related to The Expanse thread in the BFG sub forum. If you want to use Necromunda instead of Rogue Trader, then just just use the Ld stat and drop the other personal stats. This is still bare bones charts with not many explanations. 1...
  7. Hansuke

    BFGTE - My take on The Expanse in BFG terms

    I have been watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime and one night it occurred to me that I might could translate some of the ships, on the TV show, into BFG stats. These are not meant to be mixed with other BFG ships. I was just using BFG rules as a conduit to play a game that would give me an...