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  1. Oddsox

    N18 Lascutter

    Hey all, Not too long ago I posted about the charge rules and quoted an email from specialist games where I was offered 'clarification' on the rules. I also asked about lascutters as they have an ammo roll and are a CC weapon, and here is what was given in reply... "Good morning, With the...
  2. Oddsox

    N18 Chaaaarge!

    OK guys, A situation came up on a recent game of mine. Goliath A goes in to charge Van Saar A. Stood within 1 inch of Van Saar A is Van Saar B. According to the 1" rule, Goliath A can pass within 1 inch of any fighter as long as he ends up in base contact with somebody at the end of a charge...
  3. Oddsox

    Dan's Gorkamorka kitbashes

  4. Oddsox

    Rules questions

    Two rules questions! Q1: A mob has two vehicles, a truck and a trak. The truk has a harpoon gun with your gunner, Fang. You buy an 'eavy shoota for your trak and want Fang to use it. Can you swap Fang over to the new gun? Note: This could be abused to avoid bar fights over gunner positions...
  5. Oddsox

    WHGG 2017 Gorkamorka Campaign Fluff / Reports

    From dead world to an explosion of life, the day the Hulk thundered down and crashed into the dormant world of Angelis everything changed. In the centuries which passed, the cold dead eyes peering from the ancient pyramids saw the rise of bustling Mektown, the blooming spread of the fungal...
  6. Oddsox

    Necromunda Starting from scratch

    Hey guys, Apologies for the noob thread. Finding myself getting started back on the skirmish tabletop scene. I'm looking to expand from Gorkamorka into Necromunda. There is a fair bit going on with regards to boxed sets and a specialist games revival at the moment. If you were me (never played...
  7. Oddsox

    Roll call

    Just wondering how many gomo players read this. Just drop a word or two in a reply if youre still playing.
  8. Oddsox

    Miniwargaming Season 2

    So, like many of you I got the email not too long ago from MWG which said that Season 2 of Gorkamorka was on the way. What changes would you like to see for the new season? I know Matthew has been on here before, who knows he might read it and implement your idea. Personally Id like to see more...
  9. Oddsox

    LFG: Gorkamorka London

    Hey wargamers, I'm nearing the point where I will have a mob I can start a campaign with and I want to reach out and see if there are any others who would be interested in a campaign? Ideally 5 or 6 people but as many as 3 including myself would still be great. As far as venue goes, I am...
  10. Oddsox

    Mob Flavour

    Hey all, Just wondering what tips you guys have for striking a balance between having a good theme and making your models look individual/orky? Im even struggling for a colour scheme. Im just too choosey. Also, what sort of things do you turn to for inspiration when youre planning a mob?