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  1. Xiądz

    Bug "Clone gang" feature not working

    Hey, I don't think this was reported. We can't clone gangs :)
  2. Xiądz

    Shoot-out and Infiltrate

    Do Infiltrate outweigh the scenario's rules of deployment? The rule starts with: "If this fighter should be set up at the start of a battle, they are instead placed to one side." As I interpret it, in the specific Shoot-out scenario (tunnel fight), I am able to override the deployment rules...
  3. Xiądz

    Bug Can't update resource

    Hey, I can't upload new version of resource: The download link keeps pointing to old, smaller version and new one - even though uploaded succesfully - never appears...
  4. Xiądz

    Pork Chops - my first Venator Gang - C&C

    Hello! I have put together my first Venator gang. It'd be great if you comment, as I've never played Necromunda before :) PORK CHOPS Modelling-speaking, huge, Orks-based pigmen wielding crude weaponry with even bigger (Warboss-based) bloodthirsty boar called Prime Cut. Fluff-speaking they're...
  5. Xiądz

    Necromunda Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (incl. House of Artifice)

    Xiądz submitted a new resource: Printable Tactics Cards with Illustrations - MTG-based Tactics cards (Gang-specific incl.) ready for printing Read more about this resource...