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  1. Nine NIne

    Nine NIne

    The Nine Nine
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    Need heads for Brooklyn Nine Nine themed Enforcer gang.

    I'm making a Brooklyn Nine Nine themed Enforcer gang for a campaign. They are assembled, magnetised and primed. Except for the heads. I need heads for the main cast. I have one ordered for Captain Holt on its way from Poland, and I found an .stl file that looks like Boyle on Cgtrader, although...
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    N18 Newbie Enforcer confusion

    So the official rules might be 'Eh?!?' but you can find some ideas on how to arbitrate this issue in the Comprehensive Rulebook, the editor has put forward a great case on Gangers being Specialists and Juves upgrading to Specialist Gangers. There are a lot of other balancing ideas available as well.