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  1. Petitioner's City

    N18 Recosting N18 Items

    Hi all, following a discussion on the thread about Boning Swords, I wondered, how would you all recost the weapons and equipment of N18. It is one area I have been quite conservative with (despite quite a variant rule set) as using the gang manager on Yak limits to an extent how easy it is to...
  2. Petitioner's City

    Necromunda Ash Wastes Rules

    Petitioner's City submitted a new resource: Ash Wastes Rules - Ash Wastes rules - vehicles and beasts, scenarios, etc. Read more about this resource...
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    Necromunda Multi-profile custom weapons, custom traits, custom fighters and venator skills.

    HI @Malo, I have a few questions or ideas that could enhance the custom tools. (i) Is there a way to add multi-profile custom weapons? Like if I wanted to make a plasmagun 120 credits, could I create one that had both profiles, rather than having to ask players to remember to buy or add both...
  4. Petitioner's City

    Necromunda Modelling a rubbish dump

    So based on this article in the BBC and thinking about necromunda ... How would you model a large-scale rubbish dump?
  5. Petitioner's City

    Necromunda War for Luther's Prospect - Balanced Perpeptual Campaign Ruleset

    Petitioner's City submitted a new resource: War for Luther's Prospect - Balanced Perpeptual Campaign Ruleset - A revision to many mechanics in N18 Read more about this resource...
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    Necromunda Custom Stats and Injuries I create are present unintentionally in friend's campaigns - creating issues for all players

    I had some issues yesterday with customise in the Gang Manager; it's had some issues affecting friends and I really hope I can do custom things without them appearing in my friend's campaigns where they mess things up. @Malo, I am just being dumb here? So yesterday, I was creating custom...
  7. Petitioner's City

    N18 Delaque Infiltration Gang Ideas - Seeking Advice!

    Hi all, I've tried to create thematic infiltration/disruption approach for my Delaque gang, which I'll be using in an upcoming campaign. I will have a few skirmish games to work out how it actually plays, but I have the following ideas, an 8 person three-pronged team: Leader (110), Long Rifle...
  8. Petitioner's City

    N18 Smoke gas area

    Hi all, this may be an easy answer but are smoke clouds 5" wide circular - the rules seem to suggest a 2.5" radius from target - and 2.5" high? Thats a wide coverage, but also the same as photon flash flares, that other cbeap distraction toy...
  9. Petitioner's City

    Edinburgh Necromunda Campaign - Call for Players!

    Hi all, a few Necromunda players are thinking to start a gaming group & Dominion campaign in Edinburgh; we are thinking to play in Red Dice Games on Wednesday evenings, but also wish to be flexible and pragmatic. We are going to play some practice games to get up to speed with the rules and...
  10. Petitioner's City

    Rules for Kal Jericho, Scabbs and other old hired guns?

    Hi all, I wondered about new rules for Kal, Scabbs and Mad Donna for those who have old or new versions, or their own conversions, of these minis. The original rules for Kal had: 4 5 5 3 3 2 5 2 8 WEAPONS: 2 master crafted las-pistols (see below), saber (sword), frag grenades, photon flash...
  11. Petitioner's City

    N17 Genestealer Cult Gang - White Dwarf

    It's actually posted on Warhammer Community - thus not a leak - and the person is hypothesising a bit too - Aberrants aren't juves, clearly. Neophytes are gangers but also take the role of juves with settlements.
  12. Petitioner's City

    Arbites/Enforcers Ideas

    Link Hello all - I was wondering about Enforcers/Arbites, or at least a temporary, fill-in-the-blank squad, and how to construct them from the various options available. I wasn't sure if an Orlock base (ferocity and shooting focus) or a Van Saar (techy and shooting) base was a good idea. Also...