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  1. almic85

    N18 Orlock Gang feedback

    Hi everyone, I’d like a bit of feedback on this proposed gang for an upcoming law and misrule campaign. The narrative behind the gang is that they will be part of the local criminal underworld with a specialty in the manufacture and distribution of bullets and ammo, so I have loaded almost all...
  2. almic85

    New Black Orc team

    So has anyone else tried out the new Black Orc team and what do you think of them? I had a 1000TV muck around game with them last week against a human team and the human player conceded before half time as I ran in my second TD with him down 4 players. they certainly pack a bit of offensive...
  3. almic85

    N18 NCE and N18 comparison

    This thread is not meant to be bashing either version of the game but rather to postulate on some of the key differences that I have noticed between the old ORB/NCE and the current N18/N20 ruleset. The intention here is to see if there is anything in the old ruleset that helped to build the...
  4. almic85

    N18 Cawdor Gang Feedback

    Hi everyone, mom usually on the other end of this giving feedback to others but I thought I would throw my list out to the masses to be picked apart like carrion. So can I get some feedback on my Brimstone gang please. The link is below
  5. almic85

    What books do you need to play each army?

    Does anyone have a list of what books are now needed in order to plat each army in 40k? I know that you need the rulebook and the last few chapter approved books for the base rules and points updates, plus acodec, but I don’t know what is in each of the campaign books that have come out in the...
  6. almic85

    Bug Unable to buy armor for Hive Scum

    As the title says for some reason Hive Scum are not able to buy armour even though they have access to all Wargear at the trading post that is common or under rare 7.
  7. almic85

    Almic85’s general hobby plog

    ths thread is intended to be a general hobby thread of anything I am working on at the time and to chronicle any of the yaktribe challenges that I take part in. I can’t promise anything will actually be worth looking at or that anything will be well crafted or painted (or even ever be...
  8. almic85

    Bug Fleshbane ammo missing silent

    The Fleshbane ammo for the Fletchette Pistol appears to be missing the Silent trait. Viewing on my mobile so not sure if it is showing up on the computer.
  9. almic85

    N18 Eternal Campaign Variant

    Mostly because I am sick of seeing people complain that they don't like the Dominion campaign as presented in the rule book below is a proposed alternative campaign structure for anyone to use if they so wish. Feel free to change it or alter it as you see fit to make it work for your group...
  10. almic85

    Delaque Gang - Hive Wraiths Comments Please

    Hi Tribe, So I am tinkering with starting a Delaque gang in my next campaign and would like to get some comments from the greater hive mind on this build. eel free to tell me where you think I could do better. 1 Spectre Lovecraft, Leader, Autogun, Autopistol Overseer 130 2 Samael...
  11. almic85

    Gryphon’s Cleave Dominion Campaign

    The burgeoning downhive town of Gryphon’s Cleave is nestled in between the two larger domes known as Black Spyre and Mon Taynsly. It’s continued growth has lead the town to establish its own council to run the town and control the increase in trade moving through the town. As the councils...
  12. almic85

    N17 Kria Huntress FW announcement

    Announcement of Kria the Huntress and some Necron 40k monstrous vehicle. Have to admit I thought the Necron vehicle was the Van Saar brute when I first saw it. I have also noticed a few good GW proxy models for pets in the dark Eldar beastmaster sets (khimerae and bird flocks).
  13. almic85

    Forgeworld Group Discounts

    Has anyone else noticed that some of the forgeworld bundles are actually offering savings or is it just a loca aussie thing? The orlock bundles and the Van Saar shield bundle look to be saving $10 on the bundle deals (from a $110 set), while the bounty hunter bundle looks to be saving $20 (from...
  14. almic85

    Campaign Event additional rules

    Hi Everyone, I am running my second turf war (Slug Valley II: Return of the Slugs) and am looking to implement a new campaign event each cycle that will affect all battles fought in that cycle. If anyone has any ideas or input on what rules would work or any criticisms on my own current draft...
  15. almic85

    N18 New Sprue Weapon Options by Hand

    Hi Yaktribe, Because I am a particular pain in the arse and I am bad a t converting I thought I would start a thread where I post up the particular weapons and their handings for the new starting sprues so that people like me who are bad at converting know what they can arm their starting gangs...
  16. almic85

    Necromunda Weapon packs from Forgeworld

    I have seen a few comments on here about people wanting GW to release a spruenof just weapons and have been wondering if everyone actually knows about the weapons packs that can be ordered from Forgeworld. I only found out about them because I purchased a second hand batch of Elysian drop...
  17. almic85

    Official miniatures lists?

    Hi All, I am getting back into Necromunda and have bought a 15 man Delaque gang to get started but unfortunately either my eyes or brain don't work when trying to figure out the model load outs. Does anyone know where or even have a list of existing official GW Necromunda models and what they...