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    N18 Corpse Grinder Masks with templates and blast.

    So, as templates and blast templates require you to position the template, are you able to position them and claim that they are targeting that particular area. and not say, a particular fighter. By doing this the player would be able to ignore taking a willpower test to shoot at a Butcher or...
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    N18 Weird Dark Uprising "Play mat"

    So I bought Dark Uprising and got the weird double sided play mat thing. What the hell is it even for? In the rule book where you set up the game it talks about the tiles from the other game and then the 12"x12" tiles that you can buy (If you're lucky). It suggests making a 4X4 board out of the...
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    N18 New Hive War Cards

    So in classic GW style the gang cards sold out online pretty much instantly, before in fact I even realised they were a thing as they weren't previewed. Anyone have a set and/or know what they contain? From my understanding they were a cool and interesting way of generating random scenarios. Sad...
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    N18 Hive Scum

    So, am I getting this right? Hive Scum. 1: You hire them in the pre-game phase for 30 credits. 2: You can give then up to 60 credits worth of equipment. (This is included in the 30 credits hiring fee, you don't pay extra?) 3: They don't count towards you gangs fighter cap in a mission. 4: The...
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    Free stuff (Sorry UK and collection from Manchester).

    Hey guys, I've moved out of the country and I've had to downsize my collection of stuff so I'm giving it away free to a good home. Please P.M what you'd like and to arrange a collection date. If you'd like any more info please ask on the thread. Please note first come first dibs. Available...
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    N18 Gang Cards and Dark Uprising.

    I was wondering if anyone knew two things: 1: Are the cards for the corpse grinder cult in the game the same as the set that got released recently? I know there are some new enforcer cards in Dark Uprising not available in the card pack. 2: The territory cards are they cards for the...
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    N18 Stiletto knives, toxin and backstab.

    So stiletto knives have both backstab and toxin weapon traits. Backstab gives +1 strength if the attack is outside the defenders vision arc while toxin means you roll equal to or higher than the targets toughness. So, with backstab would you wound a toughness 4 model on a 3+ and a toughness...
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    N18 Knock back and melee.

    In melee if you are attacked by an enemy fighter and they successfully knock you fight backwards, does this then mean you no longer get to make reactionary attacks? Unless you have a weapon with the versatile trait.
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    N18 Rules for initiative tests and falling.

    Hi, I remember reading rules for falling and initiative tests after being shot but after I re-read the N18 rulebook I couldn't seem to find them. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
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    N18 Zone Mortalis Walls

    Hey guys, What do people use to represent the walls when playing zone mortalis? I really like the look of the deathray design terrain but combined with the shipping I can't really justify the price.
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    N18 Necromunda Korea

    Hey, I recently picked up a copy of Necromuda here in S.Korea, mainly for the hobby/collectible aspect. I was wondering if anyone on these forums plays Necromunda here in S.K and would be interested in playing a few games?
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    N18 Digi Weapons

    Quick question about digi weapons. They offer extra attacks but what strength are they calculated at? The same as strength as the fighters base strength, the same as unarmed attacks?