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  1. matswo

    Quick "Leader only" question

    Have I understood this? When you make a leader he may take two leader only weapons. after this, all the weapons in the leader only section needs to be discovered from trading posts to be accuired again. yes? I NEED that boltgun :D its blowing up my budget
  2. matswo

    Bug Rotating Images in gallery

    The gallery uploads my pictures in all sorts of directions. when I try to rotate them with the edit function I get to rotate it, but when I try to save it, I get an error message. Tried both on laptop and on smartphone.
  3. matswo

    Meltagun, uses versus cost

    So, looking though the armory again, I kinda fell in love with the meltagun. It costs 95 credits, so to get one and really get to use it I thought of juggeling the gang a bit to make it a starting weapon as thats probably when im gonna be able to afford it. its high impact, eats though armor...
  4. matswo

    Miniature Library

    So, we all know about the online citadel catalogs which lists the ranges of miniatures... but i think yakromunda deserves a library of the entire range of necromunda/confrontation models produced. between us we should have most of the range, probably mostly painted as well. I was thinking a...
  5. matswo

    Treasure Run

    Ive been spinning ideas around my head for an interesting scenario to play, and I saw in the bookshelf an old boardgame called (loosly translated from norwegian) "the missing diamond". Basically its a game where the players travel around a map of Africa, searching for a diamond, and then have...
  6. matswo

    sustained fire

    Hi As ive only played one game ever, I have a qustion about sustained fire. this is what threw me off: "All of the shots indicated by the sustained fire dice must be fired. If the fighter can no longer see any targets but he still has shots remaining then they are wasted. Wasted shots must...
  7. matswo

    Rogue Trader party

    So, quite som time ago I was making an army that would be themed around a rogue trader and his crew. It was based on an imperial guard army and had quite a few units planned for it. the project crashed due to me loosing interest in making rank and file troops and such and the lack of time. Now...
  8. matswo

    Ratling Sniper

    I just read the ratling sniper PDF in the library. Where did it come from? whats the general "wibe" on ratlings. personally I love them, BECAUSE they are cheesy. I can see why people would frown upon them. anyway, some time ago, i tried making a Rogue traders retuine, and it had some ratlings in...
  9. matswo

    Gangs, guns and Wildsnake. A life in the Underhive!

    Hi there! I kinda "stumbled" upon the great game that Necromunda is, looking for a game that require fewer models (im a lazy painter!) and a few roleplay elements I like, buying equipment, gaining experience and so on. I made a similar thread on warseer, but necromunda seems to be a "dead" game...