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  1. MancInventor

    Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

    Grimdark superhero?
  2. MancInventor

    Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

    Oh dear, epic fail. I was originally thinking “partners in crime” or ”dynamic duo” but didn’t think that sounded witty enough.
  3. MancInventor

    Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

    You can call me Al......... Model a denizen of the underhive and their unlikely bodyguard.
  4. Orlocks


    MancInventor’s metal Orlocks
  5. Ganger Autogun1

    Ganger Autogun1

  6. Juve 3

    Juve 3

  7. Ganger Lasgun 1

    Ganger Lasgun 1

  8. Juve 4

    Juve 4

  9. Heavy Flamer

    Heavy Flamer

  10. Heavy heavy stubber

    Heavy heavy stubber

  11. Ganger Shotgun

    Ganger Shotgun

  12. Ganger autopistol

    Ganger autopistol

  13. Ganger lasgun 2

    Ganger lasgun 2

  14. Ganger Autogun 2

    Ganger Autogun 2

  15. Leader


  16. Juve1


  17. Juve 2

    Juve 2

  18. MancInventor

    Yakcomp Brainstorming Thread

    “Counts As“ - create a new noble house or outlander gang that counts as an existing one. Duncan Rhodes special - any model wearing two thin coats. Firestarter - let’s see your Wyrd Pyromaniacs. Something pirate themed.
  19. MancInventor

    Yaktribe Christmas Exchange 2020 (it's time to sign up!)

    Awesome showing. I’m already looking forward to next year’s!
  20. MancInventor

    Yaktribe Christmas Exchange 2020 (it's time to sign up!)

    Merry Yakmas to all, and thanks to the super talented secret Santa that’s sent me the next champion of the THUNDERCUBE!!!