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  1. Hawkins44

    Necromunda Custom Board Tiles

    Due to noticeable interest from the community, I decided to make this page an informational one. Because GW decided to discontinue the original boards, and we are not likely going to see any rereleases, or new releases (Let's face it, it's not Primaris Space Marines), I decided to create some...
  2. Hawkins44

    Photocopied tiles

    Hello! I was wondering since the original Underhive and Badzone Delta tiles are separately no longer available and also quite difficult to obtain, is there a good soul who photocopied them, and compilated them into a file for people to print? I would be immensely happy to get it. Thank you.
  3. Hawkins44

    N18 Bolt Weapons

    Helllo! I'm interested in knowing your opinion on Bolt weapons, and special ammo, how effective they are, and if they are worth buying. I don't speak about the Enforcer Boltgun, 4+ ammo check and reduced price make the weapon quite an effective, and perhaps even fearsome option. I speak of the...
  4. Hawkins44

    N18 The Mighty Maul

    I'm curious about your take on the Maul. Yes, a total crap of a weapon, surpassed by almost anything else, BUT: Does it still have any justification in the game? Is the AP +1 worth the 2D? Is it better to pay 10cr for a Maul, than go unarmed? (Given the hypothetical situation money is of no...
  5. Hawkins44

    Bug HTTP error 500

    I encountered a strange bug When I create a blank Venator gang, and then I try to add M3 Bounty Hunter as a hired gun, it shows HTTP Error 500 "Page not Working" Does not work with any type of hired gun I tried (I randomly selected several of them). When I add a regular ganger, and then I...
  6. Hawkins44

    Engineer's Workshop - "Central, we have crap all"

    Howdy pardners! Welcome to my P&M blog, where I'll (from time to time) post updates of what I'm currently up to, hobby-wise. (If you want more constant updates, follow my Instagram (link in signature). What you will he is mostly related to Enforcers of the 235th Precinct, my Escher side project...
  7. Hawkins44

    Necromunda Gang Auxiliaries

    Hawkins44 submitted a new resource: Gang Auxiliaries - Tool to add non-standard fighters to a gang Read more about this resource...
  8. Hawkins44

    N18 Gangs with friends - adding non-standard fighters to the gang

    I was wondering, if there is a way, or somebody thought of making a way to permanently adding fighters to a gang. (I had this created for Mordheim, where a Hired Sword could be permanently added to a warband as a Hero, after he/she/it stayed with the band long enough to gain 4th Advancement/have...
  9. Hawkins44

    Miniature Ideas/Conversion collection thread (Image heavy)

    Hello! While I was cleaning up my image folder where I keep pics for inspiration I gathered over the last few centuries, I thought of creating this thread, where people can post ideas or interpretations for others to get inspired. Ideas for miniatures you plan on building sometime in the...
  10. Hawkins44

    N18 Eschers from the forest

    Hello! As some may know, I had a plan to make Escher stylized into Amazons/Wood Elves. Now I'd like to have their wargear optimized (I have no experience with them, never played them with or against, all my knowledge is theoretical), and also I have a quite limited supply of bits. I have two...
  11. Hawkins44

    Robot miniatures

    Hey! After noticing the civvie thread, I decided to create my own, looking for miniatures of robots or androids (no cyborgs or servitors, please). I got inspired by the movie Chappie to get some androids for my Enforcers, but so far, I managed to find only a couple of sculpts. Bad, ancient, ugly...
  12. Hawkins44

    N18 Balancing the Corpse Grinders

    Hello! As many people realize, the balancing of this particular group of reversed vegans is rather poor, as they are nearly no match against a gang that doesn't tailor against them. In most battle reports I saw and that are available on YT, they absolutely demolish their opponents. With a few...
  13. Hawkins44

    Amazon/Forest/Wood elf-themed Eschers

    Howdy, pardners! I have about a dozen of Escher models lying around I have no use for, nor I like their punk-girl appearance, so I thought of making them my side-gang, and convert them into more "woody" and "literally natural" appearance. That means removing all the spikes and other punk...
  14. Hawkins44

    Ranger Scoresby & mechanical friend (Yak comp #36)

    Howdy, pardner! Here is the mid-modeling miniature. There is still a lot of work on it.
  15. Hawkins44

    N18 Adepta Sororitas Mission (New gang idea)

    Hi! I was theory-crafting a new gang for my friend who owns a dozen of Adepta Sororitas models, so he could join playing with us. I based it on Venators but added a bunch of house rules to add some fluffly flavour to them, and to compensate for their very low starting numbers. It is all listed...
  16. Hawkins44

    N18 Van Saar or Enforcers?

    Hello I'm planning to start Necromunda and I'm still thinking about choosing between the VS, and PE, but I can't choose what to take. What is more interesting to play, in your opinion? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each of the two, that are not obvious from the basic rules and unit...
  17. Hawkins44

    N18 Enforcers and Trading Post weapons

    Hello! First-time poster here... Can Enforcers use and equip weapons they buy on the Trading Post? I know there were not allowed to even access the TP, but that was FAQ'd. Now, they can buy and use wargear, but what about the weapons? There are still the rules that say Palanites can only use...