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  1. Stoof

    Tribe Soiree II - 19th Oct 2021

    The Second Almost Annual Tribe Soiree of North East Englandshire! Check out the previous happenings of Tribe Soiree 2019 here. Tribe Soiree is a small NE England YakMeet for NCE players. Stalwarts are @CaptainDangerous, @Ardavion and yours truly. Currenly we are looking at holding Tribe...
  2. Stoof

    Tribemeet 2020-21 Buildup & Story

    TribeMeet 2020 is a gathering of nerds and enthusiasts of all things Necromunda for a weekend of action-packed gaming among friends (11th&12th September 2021)! The campaign will accommodate both the Community Edition (NCE) and Newcromunda (N18) rules, so bring whichever gang strikes your fancy...
  3. Stoof

    YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

    Ho ho ho, Merry Yakmas to One and All! The time is upon us to get your names in for the counts on fingers FIFTH annual YakTribe Christmas Miniature Exchange! Whoop whoop! Sign up IS NOW OPEN! Da Rools n Stuff: 1) If you sign up for this you are solidly promising to build and paint/or paint a...
  4. Stoof

    Necromunda: Hired Gun - A Necromunda FPS

    Well, we got ourselves a nice little leak appearing in the Microsoft store. Apparently there's a Necromunda FPS in the works! (PS4. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC).
  5. Stoof

    WHQ: Cursed City - Coming soon

    Is anyone interested in the upcoming WHQ: Cursed city? It seems to borrow heavily from BSF in some of its mechanics - from what we saw of the box contents it has the same initiative tracker, 4D6 dice pools for the players, extra Fate dice pool, and the same triangle hit dice system. It has a...
  6. Stoof

    Scale Cardboard THL Express boxes

    Stoof submitted a new resource: Scale Cardboard THL Express boxes - It's just a box... Read more about this resource...
  7. Stoof

    WarHammer 40k Stoof Goes Rogue

    During those long Lockdown evenings, I've been thumbing through my copy of Rogue Trader. No, not the kill team expansion. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. Edicion Numero Uno. The beginning. Alpha. 272 pages that contains absolutely everything you need in a wonderous tongue-in-cheek hardback...
  8. Stoof

    Question Making Album Public - Xmas Exchange

    Hi @Malo, I'm sure I used to be able to make albums "public" so anyone can contribute to it, but when I set up the Xmas Exchange 2019 album here I find I don't have the option to edit privacy settings at the bottom of the album as usual. It's just so people can add their exchange minis, and I...
  9. Stoof

    Necromunda Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019

    Stoof submitted a new resource: Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019 - It cometh! Read more about this resource...
  10. Stoof

    Bug Auto attach of images - Saving YakTribe pics again

    Hi Malo, I think the thing that saves externally hosted images as attachments if they're hosted somewhere else is saving images hosted here again, doubling up server usage. A while ago I think you set a rule so it wouldn't try to save images hosted on I've started getting...
  11. Stoof

    Bug Vault Search not working

    If I navigate to the Vault, then set the search to search the Vault (rather than "Everywhere"), I don't get any results. For instance, I just tried to search for posters in the vault - I know they're there and "posters" is in the title (there are at least four resources that have posters in the...
  12. Stoof

    Warhammer Quest YakWrap - Festive YakTribe Wrapping Paper

    Stoof submitted a new resource: YakWrap - Festive YakTribe Wrapping Paper - Why not use it for your Xmas mini exchage? Read more about this resource...
  13. Stoof

    Bug Chat box - Bot messages

    I have "hide bot messages" ticked in the chat box, and have for ages, yet my chat is full of messages from YakBot about new threads. It makes spotting actual chat a bit of a pain. Have I missed a setting somewhere or does the "hide bot" tickbox just not really work?
  14. Stoof

    Stoof's Sump Skiffs

    Stoof submitted a new resource: Stoof's Sump Skiffs - Small boats for skimish wargames - Paper models Read more about this resource...
  15. Stoof

    Hobby Downer - What's worked for you

    I find myself in a bit of a hobby funk at the moment - lots to do for the FYSC, unbuilt kits in the garage, big plans - I do have the time now, but can't find the motivation to act. It's a situation that I'm sure many of us have found ourselves in over the years. What has caused it for you...
  16. Stoof

    TribeSoiree 2019

    TribeSoiree was a one-day ad-hoc campaign fought between the Spyrer teams of Stoof (The Bet'Stoth-Tyran-Atro-Ryos-DeStrella Safari) and @CaptainDangerous (The Power Strangers), and the Pitslaves of @Ardavion once they decided to make a break from the monotiny of cleaning and polishing their...
  17. Stoof

    Necromunda A4 Gang Roster Sheet

    Stoof submitted a new resource: A4 Gang Roster Sheet - As seen at TribeMeet 2019 Read more about this resource...
  18. Stoof

    Bug Spyrer XP Correction

    Teeny tiny correction for when you've got a moment to spare - which I'm sure is not often with an upgrade looming. The NCE tools give Spyrers 10+D6 starting experience, they're only meant to receive 10+D3 (OCE page 56). I don't know if this changed recently in NCE or what, and it's not exactly...
  19. Stoof

    Necromunda Sumpbar Scrap

    Stoof submitted a new resource: Sumpbar Scrap - Brewhouse Bash... but on Necromunda Read more about this resource...
  20. Stoof

    WHQ:BSF - Stoof's observations & thoughts during play

    I thought I'd create a thread with some of my thoughts & observations for games of BSF I've been playing solo, now that I've played a few times and I'm getting a feel for it. These are pure observation and gut feeling - I haven't math-hammered it beyond easy stuff. I won't cover being inspired...