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  1. Kairae

    N18 True Grit and Injury rolls without Damage

    True Grit says: "Against attacks with Damage 1, roll two dice – the player controlling the fighter with True Grit, can then choose one dice to discard before the effects of the other are resolved." How does this work against attacks without Damage (Toxin and Gas) or Injury rolls caused by...
  2. Kairae

    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    Delaque appears to have 5 excellent pieces of house equipment. Web Pistols Web- gauntlets Flechette Pistols Photo Visors 5pt Autopistol Web-pistols are OP. Probably not brokenly overpowered but certainly close. The only real issue with them is secondary weapons, as one of the scariest Scarce...
  3. Kairae

    N18 Comparing CCWS for 2 x CCW or CCW + Pistol Escher champs

    This question started as "Power Knife vs Powersword" but it's bigger than that. How do the CCWs available to Escher stack up? It comes out of trying to make a decision between these builds: Powersword + Plasma Pistol or Powerknife + Plasma Pistol? Powersword + Power Knife or Chainsword + Power...
  4. Kairae

    Agility skills issues *spawn

    It’s a real pity that Dive is no longer a Skill. Spring Up + Dive would be such a good combination. Get rid of Escape Artist and bring back Dive :( Mod: spawned Agility skills discussion to it's own thread.
  5. Kairae

    Click + Limited Ammo

    How does Click + Limited interact? Limited Ammo states: "If a weapon fails an Ammo check while using limited ammo, they have run out – that ammo type is deleted from their fighter card, and cannot be used again until more of that special ammo is purchased from the Trading Post." Click states...
  6. Kairae

    Converting the Underhive Scenarios to GW

    Has anyone put any work into converting the Underhive scenarios to campaign play? They seem like decent alternatives to GW1 missions.
  7. Kairae

    When I think about you, I Inspire myself!

    Can a fighter with Inspirational affect themselves? “If a friendly fighter within 6’’ of this fighter fails a Cool check, make a Leadership check for this fighter. If it passes, the Cool check is also treated as having been passed.” I think, RAW, they can:: because the fighter is always...