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  1. cainex1

    Defunct thread, check the Trading Post for deals.

    Jackson's has a sale on pastels! Pastels, you say? Yes indeed! Pastels are essentially the same as Forgeworld weathering powders and available in a huge range of colors...
  2. cainex1

    Strata Miniatures - Cool bits and suchlike

    So this all started with a Kickstarter as Battle Bits with some Skaven parts.
  3. cainex1

    N18 Regarding xenos tech - the illegal trading post

    The purpose of this thread is to identify what is what and what looks best for it. I've done what I could to bring everything together from official concepts or licensed stuff so here we go. None fall into the pistol category so the razor pistol is a no-go obviously but I wanted to include it...
  4. cainex1

    N18 Regarding the problematic Ratskins

    RULE NUMBER 1 - keep it civil RULE 2 - follow rule number 1 So we're at a weird time in history. It's hard to discuss these kind of things without devolving into an ID pol mess so let me get things started from a good premise and have a good conversation. Ok... so I sat here for a while with a...
  5. cainex1

    A passion project with a heavy retro aesthetic - my own t-shirt brand

    So... once upon a time I was a fine arts major with hopes and dreams of either becoming some kind of amazing scientist (I know, right??) or creating cool art. I have no idea if you folks would be interested but I'm actually following through with the more achievable of those dreams. Let me know...
  6. cainex1

    4 Pages of Necromunda Signs and Posters

    cainex1 submitted a new resource: 2 Pages of Necromunda Signs and Posters - Signage specific to Necromunda Read more about this resource...
  7. cainex1

    Vehicle kickstarter that looks perfect for the 40K universe

    If I can scrounge more than enough for rent and bills I'll consider the STL backer level because this is one serious truck. Anyway, seems like a perfect place to get some trucks for whatever upcoming Ash Wastes goodies the specialist games team has in the waiting for us...
  8. cainex1

    Necromunda My Miscellaneary

    I've been a lurker since... some really long time ago when hopes of a new Necromunda were but a pipedream. I got into the game in the 90s with Van Saar and then a Spyrer gang (I was a kid and I wasn't quite That Guy, sue me). A few years ago, coincidentally enough the rumors were about to drop...