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  1. Toffer

    Toffer's painting thread

    so making all this terrain made me want to do more 40k model painting. So I had a rummage and here is my first proper 40k/necromunda/inquisitor28 paint job in several years. This is actually his third paint job as I bought him many many years ago. He is so old I have made him a walking stick.
  2. Toffer

    Storey 456 Necromunda Map campaign

    Hi all I have written a Necromunda campaign. But... I have not actually played Necromunda since the late 90's and as such I am way out of date with rules, scenarios and stuff. So I wanted to post it here for a bit of a critique. Will it 'work'? I have special rules for each region on the...
  3. Toffer

    Urban terrain

    Hi all Toffer here. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have not payed Necromunda since 1998. Basically I have bee on a strict diet of Blood Bowl for years now and love my board game of choice. But I have a secret love of Necromunda and looking to get back into it maybe. Anyway I have...