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    Slaver Mob

    I know there's the Rebel Grots but recently I've had an idea of using a Slaver as a Nob, Spannerz as Spannerz, Yoofs as drivers (what self respecting ork would want to be part of a grot mob) and having a Grots as the core of the mob. Anyone done this before? Any special rules/house rules you...
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    Good source for plasticard/styrene sheets in Australia?

    Looking for a place to buy plasticard/styrene for a good price, anyone in Australia now of retailers (online or hobby store) that are worth checking out?
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    Tutorial Section?

    Apologies if it already exists, what about a tutorial section for 'how to' on painting and making terrain?
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    Chaos Dwarf Engine of Chaos?

    Contemplating a small Chaos Dwarf warband. Tried googling for examples of what one looks like however no luck. Has anyone ever seen one/converted one? Or any suggestions of a goos model, basically want a small gaol cell on wheels?
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    Magic orientated gangs

    I'm wanting to introduce two friends to tabletop gaming and they like the setting of Mordheim. Both enjoy the idea of warbands that use a lot of magic. What would your suggestion be for the most balanced magic based warbands?
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    Night Goblin Warband Question about Trolls

    Playing around with a Night Goblin list. When it comes to retaining a Troll in the warband, if I don't pay the 15gc per game/sacrifice 2 goblins do I need to re-hire at 200gc for the following games, or can I coax the troll back with 15gc/sacrifice 2 goblins?
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    GorkaMorka - Squats?

    Anyone tried running Squats in a GM campaign? Curious as to what skill tree you have used. Not sure why, I feel Squats could work well with Gorkamorka.
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    Mordheim Tunnel System?

    Apologies if it's been done before. Are there any rule systems in place for a Warhammer Quest style tunnel system for Mordheim in place at the moment? I'm keen to develop some close quarters gameplay for Mordheim.
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    N17 Campaign Territory Cards?

    So I've basically given up on finding a set of the Necromunda Campaign territory cards. Has anyone made their own Campaign Territory Cards? Just looking for ideas on whats the best way to make them.
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    NPC: The Bat Grot (advice critique appreciated)

    Long story short: - saw a Goblin Doomdiver, noticed how easily it'd convert into a Batman style miniature. - naturally someone has already done the conversion. I'm still keen to make the conversion & make it into a random NPC that turns up and causes chaos/hilarity. So, onto stats: M WS BS S T...
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    GorkaMorka Clan rules - worth playing with?

    Has anyone used the custom clan traits for gorkamorka? Ive got a potential group of 6 players for an upcoming campaign and curious if the various traits for Blood Axes (my favourite clan), Goffs, Evil Sunz etc add to the game or make it more unbalanced.