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    N18 White Dwarf Hired Gun Scenarios

    The scenarios on White Dwarf 163, the hangers on scenarios, don’t mention Tactics cards at all? So do you get zero or default to pick two or 2 random? Previous White Dwarf ones even the gang fight ones which were smaller battles still had Tactics cards.
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    N18 House of Blades Somersault Questions

    “Somersault: The fighter gained the ability to perform a Somersault (Basic) action while they are Standing and Active: Somersault (Basic) - Place the fighter anywhere within 6” of their current position, provided they can see the point they wish to move to before they are placed. Note that the...
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    N18 Weird things about the Outlaw Rules

    So in both the Book of Judgement and Book of Ruin it states that Outlaw gangs can only hire Outlaw Hangers-On, Brutes, Hired Guns, and Dramatis Personae... Later on it says that House Gangs cannot hire the House specific Brutes, this is redundant because the House Specific Brutes are not...
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    N18 Anyone Paid For Hired Guns

    Has anyone hired Bounty Hunters straight up? My last campaign we had free Bounty Hunters (and Hive Scum) from various things (Rackets, Law Reputation, etc.) but none where we used the regular hiring process. I was wondering how it went with them staying if you don’t kill and/or capture someone...
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    Necromunda February Necromunda Tournament in Jacksonville, FL

    I am running a Necromunda Tournament Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM at Rapiercon, a convention held at the Doubletree Hilton at Jacksonville International Airport. If you are a Necromunda Player in Florida, Georgia, or even further, please come check it out. It is a 1250 credit gang...
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    N18 Smash and Grab Victory Condition

    So the Smash and Grab says the battle ends if no fighters on board. It also says attacker only wins if at end of battle they have opened more ammo loot caskets than are closed. So even if defender is wiped out or bottles but the attacker hasn’t opened enough ammo crates, defender still wins? It...
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    N18 Dark Uprising/Book of Ruin Scenarios Zone Mortalis: How many tiles

    For all the scenarios in Dark Uprising and/or Book of Ruin, it doesn’t seem to specify a max number of tiles as it should according to the battlefield setup rules? (and as all the Zone Mortalis scenarios in the main Rulebook do.) What is the “default” number of tiles? 4 since that is what comes...
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    N18 Palatine Enforcers Question

    If a Palatine Enforcer Gang gets the Archeotect Auction Racket, can they give a ganger the Imperials Weapon, since they are only allowed to “choose” Palatine Weapons normally? Does that maybe apply only to purchases? After starting equipment it says their limitation is just by type, which I take...
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    N18 So Guild Bonds, How do they work?

    Startting a Law and Misrule campaign and umm.. how do Guild Bonds work? Questions: 1. You can declare at start of campaign you have an alliance... I guess don’t do that until you see what your starting rackets are in case they are for a different guild? You can also declare before any battle, so...
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    N18 Campaign Advice Please

    I haven’t played since the hardbacks came out and am starting a new campaign so would like some advice. The last campaign I played in banned several things: Overseer, Click, and Dangerous Footing. Now I am Arbitrator and would like to avoid banning anything if possible. I really don’t see any...
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    N18 Rebel Lord

    On page 23, the picture of Rebel Lord “Lady Credd”... isn’t that a Power Sword she is holding? Not say, a stiletto sword or any other weapon that a Rebel Lord can carry according to the rules? Or are all my Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen that have swords like that actually using stiletto...
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    N18 Knockback

    Rulebook say Knockback triggers if the hit roll is equal or higher than the targets strength. Does the weapon need to be a successful hit for the target to be moved one inch? Like the target has a strength of 3, the attacker has a WS of 4+ and rolls a 3. Technically the hit roll equaled the...
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    N18 Hit by closing doors?

    In Necromunda Rulebook (hardback) are there rules for doors closing with a ganger in them and doing damage if don’t get out of way like in Underhive? If so what page?
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    N18 Underhive Perils

    So the N18 compendium doesn’t have any mention of the Underhive Perils from Badzone Delta Tiles, not does it seem to mention Toxic sludge from the Underhive boxed set tiles. Is it intended that they all become either dangerous or difficult terrain in N18? Or are you supposed to mix and match...
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    Moving from Turf War to Dominion

    Anyone got any ideas for moving gangs that were in a Turf War campaign to Dominion? Seems like the Turf would be the problem. Hate to just ditch all Turf. Maybe give Old Ruins in place of Generic Turf?
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    Bottle Test Question

    So when you make bottle rolls, you roll a d6, add the number of out of action and seriously injured fighters and bottle If the sun is greater than your starting crew plus any that have been added during battle. So does this mean that if your gang has 14 perfectly healthy fighters but because of...
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    Is the only tile that has fungus the one from Badzone Delta? Or should the Toxic sludge tiles from a Necromunda Underhive that look more like Fungus be treated as fungus? This is something that opponents brought up in game today.