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    Syko's Odds and Ends

    I know the feeling. Occasionally I think about trying to combine my piles of paper and notebooks with half diagrammed/planned projects into a more comprehensive, legible and visibly appealing binder or large vellum tome on a pedestal but that's just another project... At least the FYSC finally...
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    What's on your mind?

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    Comment by 'Pagumb' in media 'Ork Battleship WIP'

    Lumpy, belligerent capital ork ship. Excellent.
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    Comment by 'Pagumb' in media 'FYSC Oct 19'

    I see ork mercenaries following their escorts into the heart of the Necron fleet...
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    Necromunda Pagumb's Hobby Plog

    Noted. As a tweener of ORB and NEC18 I have much to learn. I figure if I can get Cawdor refuse drift terrain figured out then I will be ready for a THUNDERCUBE floor insert that will allow for the anointing of such a Lord.
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    Necromunda Pagumb's Hobby Plog

    Few remain who remember the humble origins of a the CUBE...
  7. TC_origins1.jpg


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    New models incoming

    If it has a clip you do not have to commit (until game time and confirmation of gang list and/or loadout).
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    Noobzilla attempts to build the G.O.A.T table

    "Gentlescum gentlescum please give our dear colleague some room to complete their masterpiece. You were promised a G.O.A.T.W.T.C.O.M.H table and a G.O.A.T.W.T.C.O.M.H table you shall have in due time. The Guilders demand their fees, mushroom density fiberboard (MDF) doesn't lasercut itself...
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    New models incoming

    Reminds me I bought the Norse team around the time the Amazons originally were released...only ever played one game of Blood Bowl myself. The poses for both metal teams are soooo static. It is one area in which the new boxed game warbands/teams models have really improved. A sprinting model...
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    New models incoming

    Excellent find. Bet those gunners only forget to duck for the backswing once…
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    Necromunda Stoof's Project Thread

    I neglected to comment earlier that the umbrella, etc. got me going on a very enjoyable tangent of learning more about the Tank Girl Universe. Was aware of the character but didn't know much detail at all. Having liked all of the Gorillaz art over the years made going through the Tank Girl...
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    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Is @CaptainDangerous preparing for a fabulous follicle fight versus the Troll King?
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    /s Quit bragging about your excellent underhive modeling skills.:p The hive spirits are truly blessing your upgrade. You know what looks worse? The frenetic scribbled plans for my unbuilt least until I begin construction on said cube. Looking forward to what you do with the...
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    Comment by 'Pagumb' in media 'Juve Conversion (Size)'

    Top notch juve conversion ideas for the Warcry models. Excellent eye for the details and sizing.
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    New models incoming

    I've not been keeping up on the individual lieutenants (and now sergeants) as they come out but at least this fellow appears to be breaking new ground with the holster cod piece for his .88 Magnum bolt pistol. At least it can kind of function as a scabbard for his power sword when he decides to...
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    What's on your mind?

    I think I will try to adapt "Modge Podge" as SFW curse phrase. My Boss: "Good news mid level bureaucratic functionary! We'll need you run that complicated grant procurement process after all." Me: "Ahhhh modge podge..." My Boss: "Excellent!"
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    Tribemeet Uk - Newark - Sept 2021 - Live Update Thread!

    Lovely boards and terrain. Probably answered before but what’s the source of the semi-circular green power plant/turbine terrain?
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    Necromunda The Sump: An N17/N18++ venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    Ahhhhh yes, my regular reminder to make a decision on a non-GW tile solution and begin construction.