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  1. Necroplayer

    Preparing an Inquisimunda campaign?

    So I've decided to wade off into the waters that is Inquisimunda. My question is, does anyone have suggestions on exactly how to put a campaign together? I am totally at a loss trying to set this up so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I would probably act more as a GM (game master) than...
  2. Necroplayer

    Recruiting poster for new players??

    With the new edition of Necromunda taking hold, I was wondering if anyone has made a Yaktribe type recruiting poster that could be placed in the local game stores? I think someone had made one a while back but my search-fu has failed me. Just want to give our Yak community a bit more exposure!
  3. Necroplayer

    Ganger returning to the hive

    Hello all! I've been out of the Necromunda/gaming loop for a while now and was wondering how, in your opinion; the new Necromunda rules stack up to the NCE version? Also, how has the new GW industrial terrain made an impact on your personal gaming table and what do you like/dislike about it?
  4. Necroplayer

    Necro zombie rules in a "modern" setting??

    With the popularity of zombies and the like, I was wondering has anyone tried using the Necromunda rules in a "modern" setting? I know the rules for lasguns, power weapons, etc., wouldn't be used but auto-guns, etc., would. I'm thinking about giving this a try since Necromunda is my favorite...
  5. Necroplayer

    Inquisimunda Meetup??

    After reading the Blanchitsu article in the December issue of WD, my Inquisimunda juices got to flowing and was wondering if any Yakites besides myself would be interested in getting together and also doing such a thing?
  6. Necroplayer

    The Temenos

    Found this in one of the back alleys over at Dakka. I don't know where he got this or if its genuine fluff but I thought it was cool so here it is!
  7. Necroplayer

    Necroplayer's Underhive 2.0

    I just had a digi camera issued for "work", and since I was looking for a reason to test it out :sneaky:, here are few random pics from my last game!
  8. Necroplayer

    Intact Imperial buildings?

    A friend of mine is looking to make some "intact" COD (GW and Pegasus) buildings for Inquisimunda but with access to the interior floors . From what we discussed, the buildings would be tall (at least two ft?) and placed along the edges of a 4x4 table and connected by walkways, ledges, etc.. I'm...
  9. Necroplayer

    Looking for ideas!

    I was looking at some of the 'Escape From Goblin Town' terrain and was wondering how it could be modified for Necromunda use. I know that metal walkways would replace the wooden ones but what about the rocky parts? Would you use large piles of rubble? Tall ruins? Also, a few shanties/cranes on...
  10. Necroplayer

    Neat terrain!

    Found this over on Pintrest. I would love to try and build something like this!
  11. Necroplayer

    Show me your toxic slime!!!

    Hello all! I am working on some toxic slime/chem pools and would like a more 'realistic' look than paint with a gloss coat on it (which is usually what I do!) . I have seen several good looking ones but for the life of me can not figure out just how they did it. Any ideas? This is the look...
  12. Necroplayer

    Sniper rules, ORB vs. NCE???

    I was planning on adding a sniper to my gang but the only rules that I can find are from the ORB. I normally use the NCE rules (they are so much better IMO). Do you think the original sniper rules would work or do they need some tweaking to fit the NCE rules set?
  13. Necroplayer

    GW's Sector Imperialis...anyone use it?

    Hi all! I was lusting over the Sector Imperialis board over at the GW site and was wondering if it would be suitable for Necromunda? My only problem with it would be the large aquila and "tomb" ? looking pieces. Maybe they could be covered with some rubble or possibly something else? has anyone...
  14. Necroplayer

    Inquisimunda using Necro & 40k rules?

    So I've decided to delve into the world of Inquisitors, henchmen, and the like. I've looked over several rules sets and find myself leaning towards the Necromunda rules with maybe a tweak here and there. I was wondering has anyone ever used 40k rules (shooting, close combat, etc.) with the...
  15. Necroplayer

    Idea for a new Necro. board. But will it be useable?

    Hello Yakites! I was toying with the idea of building a board that would be mostly islands of rubble and debris surrounded by sump gunk, waste chemicals, etc. with underhive boats being used. I was inspired by a picture in the 2003 Necromunda Underhive edition (page 67). Since my scanner went...
  16. Necroplayer

    Looking for the book: Wanted:Kal Jerico - Reward: 1200 guilder credits

    I just found out it was released in 2011\2012 but cant find it anywhere! Could someone steer me in the right direction...PLEASE!!!
  17. Necroplayer

    Wanted: Old Necromunda boxes

    I have started collecting the boxes (from the 1990's) that the different gangs came in. I have the Van Saar to start with but that's all for the moment. If anyone has one or two that they would like to part with please let me know and we can get together on price, etc.. Thanks!
  18. Necroplayer

    The hevy plasma gun and wounding?

    When a heavy plasma gun fires on Max. energy and causes D6 damage, does that mean every model under the template gets a D6 or dos the D6 get split between the models that are under the template? I just got the Vaan sar with the heavy plasma gun and can't wait to use him, I just want to make...
  19. Necroplayer

    Anyone interested in a Yaktribe meet-up?

    Just wanted to see what peoples thoughts on a meet-up sometime next year? I was thinking a central location somewhere In the central U.S. for a trial run then possibly make this an annual event. Everyone could bring a few pieces of terrain their gang(s) and spend the weekend blasting away (mini...
  20. Necroplayer

    My attempt at rust and flaking paint...

    I wanted to get away from my traditional grey on grey paint job on my terrain. So I started looking at old (over a hundred years) sawmills and other derelict machinery around paying close attention to any paint that happened to survive the ravages of time (which wasn't much!). Attached is my...