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  1. cardyfreak

    Long shot; calling any Japanese speakers!

    I’m having some difficulty trying to track down a piece of music that I’ve come across on various YouTube videos over the years but have never been able to tack down the music on iTunes or anywhere else for that matter. The music is the first piece on this video: Here’s what I know. The piece...
  2. cardyfreak

    N18 Escher Lore- Sheemprah, Death Maidens, et-al

    A thread to discuss the expanding Escher lore. Topics touched on elsewhere include Escher believing the Emperor is a female, and just how do Escher get away with reanimating corpses? Are they really dead, or just mostly dead? When you live in the hive, how much news from the outside universe...
  3. cardyfreak

    N18 Keepers Of The Orphan Forge (Goliath, House of Chains)

    A thread to follow the founding of, and trials and tribulations of, my Goliath gang Keepers Of The Orphan Forge. The background: Keepers Of The Orphan Forge are a collection of unborn fighters who, for various reasons, have been unable to break into other Goliath gangs. They will all be unborn...
  4. cardyfreak

    Suggestion Custom item naming priority

    Hey Malo, I’ve been advising about using the custom item section for creating things like master crafted weapons and was wondering if I could make a slight suggestion? The suggestion is could the name provided in the custom equipment override the name given on the profile? One thing I’ve...
  5. cardyfreak

    Hitting on 1+

    This may be answered somewhere in the N17/18 rulebook already, but upon reading it I can’t see anywhere that stops shooting attacks hitting on a 1+. Towards the front of the hardback rulebook it talks about natural rolls and how a 1 is an auto miss if the rule specifically states as much. I...
  6. cardyfreak

    Suggestion Recovering fighters from guilders

    I sold a fighter to the guilders but can see no way to recover him after the initial ‘recover from guilders’ confirmation box. Any chance we could have a ‘guilder pool’, as well as the ‘hired gun pool’ I think was suggested some time ago? Cant remember if it was for the old tools though.
  7. cardyfreak

    Fighter Psychological Conditions

    I’ve played one game of Killteam (it was okay) and a lot of Kingdom Death, and something I noticed in the Killteam rules (though didn’t get the chance to read properly) is that it shares a similarity with Kingdom Death in that fighters can gain psychological quirks that may be of...
  8. cardyfreak

    N17 Van Saar Forgeworld kits revealed

    Van Saar Forgeworld upgrade kits are up!
  9. cardyfreak

    Adeptus Titanicus Unboxing

    Unboxing video of the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus! Dunno if I’ll be going for this if the price is too steep...but one never can tell ;)
  10. cardyfreak

    Charging/boosting assists/interference

    I realise there’s a big thread about the mechanics of failed charges and declarations, etc, but this question is subtlely different, regarding h2h mechanics themselves. If it’s been covered in the expanse of the previous thread then let me know and I’ll combine this thread with that. That being...
  11. cardyfreak

    Bug Unable to add signature (iOS)

    As the title suggests, I can't seem to find the option to add a signature to my profile using iOS. I've tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Apologies if I'm missing something painfully obvious but I just can't find the setting anywhere! Thanks in advance!
  12. cardyfreak

    Could Delaque Be A Genestealer Cult?

    The release of the Genestealer Cults is a total win for me as I've always loved the fluff of the tyrannids and the way the race is encountered in the 40k universe- massive hive fleets encroach on the imperium from the depths of space threatening the very existence of mankind; jungles and death...
  13. cardyfreak

    Pinning and I tests

    No this isn't about Pinterest and going to the opticians, I've been having an idle think about a way to add more flavour to weapons and was wondering how much taking away the 'hit=pin' mechanic would affect the game. My thoughts are tying all pinning tests to I, so if you get hit and not...
  14. cardyfreak

    What's on your mind?

    Thought I'd start a topic for general chat and funny stuff you've found on the net and want to share. Also a good place for Juves to boost their post count to grant full access to their profile! I'll start off with this- Discuss.
  15. cardyfreak

    Flame(r) War- Hand flamers, autopistols, pinning, and overwatch

    This thread has been moved from the NCE discussion thread. It contains discussion on handflamers, autopistols, overwatch, and pinning. Good luck!
  16. cardyfreak

    Cheap Terrain Manufacturer

    Just found this UK based terrain manufacturer called Amera Plastic Mouldings. This stuff is unbelievably cheap. Entire buildings for under a tenner! The pipes look cool and the ruined factories are an absolute treat for necro. I reckon for an outlay of about £60 you could have some really cool...
  17. cardyfreak

    Bug Gallery: rotating images

    I've been adding some photos to the gallery from my phone and a most peculiar thing keeps happening; the first three images I try to upload are always rotated 90° to the left. After three tries the images upload normally. When I try to rotate the images in the gallery it tells me there has been...
  18. cardyfreak

    Tiered Skill Tables (v2)

    After a discussion about gang's access to certain skill types here, the memory of a past discussion floated, ghost like, to mind. Half remembering it's content, an idea to divide the skill sets up in to tiers emerged, with a pyramid system to access the skills in tiers above. Whilst the idea of...
  19. cardyfreak

    Good tablets for using Yaktribe

    Soon I reckon I'll be in the market for a shiny new device to browse on. My needs are simple. Pretty much the entire internet for me is this site, so I want something that works perfectly with it. I know the site is optimised to work on many devices, but what are people's opinions on how it...
  20. cardyfreak

    RJ Reiner Enforcer rules compatability suggestion

    @Malo, a member is setting up an enforcer gang using RJ Reiners rules and is having a few problems that I'm guiding him through. During the course of this I've noticed a little problem for calculating the gangs cost that could be easily remedied (I hope!). The way the rules work, the gang has a...