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  1. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa's PLOG - Covid19 Edition

    Sooo, I'm home in self isolation. My gaming group's campaign is temporarily on ice for a while, so to keep some motivation I've started this PLOG. I'll be starting off with some images of the starting crew of my gang, The Needle Creepers for said campaign. If you're interested in the campaign...
  2. TabulaRasa

    Necromunda For a Fistful of Credits

    THE BURDEN OF SERVANTS The signal had led him down here, to this abandoned terminal. It was situated in an overbuilt nook in the needle ways, that threaded the interior of the hive like capillaries. Closing in on it it sparkled to life and he wiped off the accumulated dust from the archaic...
  3. TabulaRasa

    N18 Delaque Composition Musings - The Needle Creepers

    Been fiddling a bit with a Delaque gang. IMO they are not the most obvious as to how they play and how they synergises. At least not in comparison to Van Saar or Goliath. What strikes me is that they, at least on paper, seams to work really well as a gang focusing on disrupting the play of the...