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  1. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Rogue trader boxes X2 = Ship boarding.

    As I was looking at the ship board that is to come with the Rogue Trader Kill Team Expansion Box I was thinking that two boxes would make it possible to do a boarding scenario... yeah a bit of expensive but its worth thinking about :)
  2. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    What is a Ratlings Movement?

    I wanted to make a Ratling Bounty Hunter, and as I have to choose which type of stats to pick I tried to look up ratlings and I ran into an issue, it seems in 40k they have a movement of 6" just like Imperial guards, this seems very strange to me, can it really be they are that fast, I was...
  3. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Necromunda Making my Escher's Hangout

    I started to sketch out my Escher gang's hangout building, with very mixed results, I did pick one of the sketches and started construction, but at the moment I have run into a issue that I would like to have some help with so to speak, I was thinking of having some kind of windows/openings at...
  4. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Needle Weapons/Toxin

    I really don't hope the needle weapons will cost the same as in the old days, they were more expensive then most heavy weapons and the stats for it now doesn't make it that good, also that they aren't silent seems strange as they don't produce any sound and visual effects when fired, probably a...
  5. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Need help with choosing BH weapons

    Okay, the bounty hunter have been made except for the weapons, and the fact that some weapons is in the GW book but not in the Trade list haven't helped as I wanted to get my bounty hunter Bolt pistols, but at the moment I'm thinking about giving the BH auto pistols, or Stub guns with Dum-Dum...
  6. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    N17 Gang modeling, Painting, dryfitting tests (Ash Wastes Traveler)

    Here is some Eschers that I did some dryfitting with to see what would work, and some are "traditional" posses from the guide. Dryfitting 3 - Escher by Ash_Wastes_Traveler posted Dec 3, 2017 at 9:50 AMDryfitting 1 - Escher by Ash_Wastes_Traveler posted Dec 3, 2017 at 9:50 AM
  7. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Necromunda Necromunda blank fighter cards (Sleeve size)

    Ash_Wastes_Traveler submitted a new resource: N17 blank fighter cards (Sleeve size) - This is 8 blank fighter cards that is sized down to fit into card sleeves. Read more about this resource...
  8. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Ash Waste Nomads N17 conversion

    I started trying to make a homebrewed Ash Waste Nomad gang stats and so on, but it started to look like one or the other gangs, also the old Ash Waste gang had some special rules and skills, so I started to feel like I had do something I should have tried, but considering you Yak guys have been...
  9. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Have anyone tried the Lone Operatives Missions?

    Have any of you tried the Lone Operatives missions, and have anyone tried with non-imperial factions as the attacker. Considering the three special Lone Operatives Characters are specifically for the imperial factions, with the exception of Sly Marbo who can only ne used with Astra Militarum...
  10. Ash_Wastes_Traveler


    Okay I had a look ad the Sisters of Battle alias Adepta Sororitas and it seems that the specialist is the best choice as the trooper and New Recruit are very limited in weapons choices, I presume there are other teams that have similar limitations but this is my view on the Sisters of Battle so...
  11. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Found this terrain KS that might interest people

    I found this KS that have terrain that looks very similar to the classic Necromunda terrain, but the thing is its pretty much only for people in the US, but its worth taking a look at :) 7 days left...
  12. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Need feedback concerning Ash Waste Bike equipment

    I re-read the Ash Wates vehicle equipment rules and I'm still a bit annoyed that the bike is a one seated, one can get the side car equipment but it kind of feels like there could be a equipment to upgrade a bike to a two-seated which would still only allow pistols to be used and no weapon could...
  13. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Paint question

    I have a question about a P3 paint, do anyone know which color to use as a highlight color for Blighted Gold?
  14. Ash_Wastes_Traveler

    Vehicles option for Necromunda gang creator

    It would be nice to have the option to add Vehicles in the Necromunda gang creator, or maybe a option to have a Ash Wastes option like the ORB, LRB and NCE.