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  1. Commissariat

    Bug Unable to delete 2 year old game from battle tracker

    Hello, I have a game that is 2 years old and I cannot delete it from my battle tracker. Finish and Abort just provide me with errors. What can I do?
  2. Commissariat

    Question How to add a Campaign Event? Send to Captors? How do I make the battle tracker process skill advancements for custom gangs?

    Hello, I am trying to add a campaign event, but I receive a red error without any details of what the error is. Is there something I am doing wrong that is preventing me from posting an update to the Necromunda Campaign Manager? How do I send a ganger to the captors? The battle tracker...
  3. Commissariat

    NCE How we are trying Alternate Activation in NCE:

    Hey all, So. during this Quarantine situation the Tabletop Simulator community for Necromunda has been digging up NCE to play. This is both out of nostalgia and out of my frustration with the unwieldy volume of content that is out for the conceptually very fun Underhive edition. The enjoyment...
  4. Commissariat

    N18 Some Rackets are Crazy Good

    So picture this: you're Van Saar / Corpse Grinder Cult / or any gang with Undersuits. You get Peddlers of Forbidden Lore and then land the Resurrection Game. You now have access to: Manipulation of the Priority Phase (Coming from Middle-Earth SBG: that's really good) Ignore one death per game...
  5. Commissariat

    N18 Yaktribe Campaign System (Where we translate the old school feel to the modern game)

    Hello! A lot of folks, including myself, really enjoy the gritty/granular feel of the ORB/NCE campaign system. It feels dark, scrappy, and like you're a bunch of civilians trying to stay afloat. N18 doesn't really have that feel. Sure models effectively die 1/6 of the time if you don't have...
  6. Commissariat

    N18 [Poll] Which system do you use/prefer now?

    Hey everybody! The previous thread doesn't hold relevant data anymore due to the release of N18 a while back. Now that you all have had a while to try out the updated edition, where do you fall on this poll? Feel free to comment on your choice as well, votes are public since this isn't...
  7. Commissariat

    Suggestion Remove Sticky of Outdated Threads in the Necromunda Subforum

    There are 4 inquisimunda threads, an old Table Talks II thread, and "What ruleset do you use" is obsolete and needs a repost. It is a lot to open up and scroll through because of how much screen space it takes up. I get you can minimize the section, but some of these don't seem as relevant anymore.
  8. Commissariat

    N18 [Please Help!] Developing Modest House Rules in preparation for Dominion Campaign

    I'm back! I am organizing a Necromunda-18 campaign on the computer through simulator, discord and yaktools. I have played N17, but I am primarily experienced with NCE/ORB. Having looked over the new rules and the discussion board here, I will be attempting to house rule some aspects of N18 to...
  9. Commissariat

    Your Opinions on Juves? Juve Tactics Discussion

    Firstly, I was a player who ran as many Juves as possible in ORB/NCE. They were perfect long-time investments and really came into their own with plenty of stories to tell. I was the "Juve Guy" in the group because I swore by them and always had them carrying weight. However there seems to be a...
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    Commissariat submitted a new resource: CHAOS CULT COVENS REDUX & BECOMING A CULT REDUX - Based on the very first Chaos Cult Covens rules from ORB. Read more about this resource...
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    Commissariat submitted a new resource: ASH WASTE NOMADS LRB to NCE CONVERSION - Based on the works of John Houchins, Robert J. Reiner, Mark Mitchell, Chris Ward, and Stuart Witter Read more about this resource...
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    Commissariat submitted a new resource: MICHAEL TURVEY'S GENESTEALER CULT IN NCE: TERROR IN THE HIVE! REDUX - Based on the very first Genestealer Cult rules for ORB. Read more about this resource...
  13. Commissariat

    N17 "Catachan as Orlock" In the New Age

    I had read in a thread a while back where some of the usual posters were discussing the alleged heresy of using modified Catachan models with the Necromunda ruleset and other Necromunda models. Paraphrased arguments were made such as "It is a cheap move" or "The models will look out of place"...
  14. Commissariat

    Scattering Blast Templates & Lower Levels: House-Rule Workshop

    Hello Underhivers! As the book appears to have no rules for scattering off of edges, potentially allowing RAW to let you scatter a grenade onto someone 20" below... I'm trying to devise a house rule for it beyond simply poofing the grenade into nothing once it falls off a one inch cliff.
  15. Commissariat

    [Tabletop Simulator-Discord] Campaign Sign-Ups!

    Hello! This is probably a very niche recruitment message, but I would like to share nonetheless. Myself and several others had been playing both Necromunda and Necromunda: Community Edition for the past year on Tabletop Simulator and Discord. Now, we are starting up a Necromunda: Underhive &...
  16. Commissariat

    Delaque/Van Saar Starting Loadout to watch out for? Grenade Launchers.

    Fighter core of: Gang Leader w/ Fast Shot (Or another skill perhaps), Grenade Launcher, "Lasgun" Champion w/ Fast Shot, x2 Autopistols, Grenade Launcher Champion w/ Fast Shot, x2 Autopistols, Grenade Launcher Ganger w/ Grenade Launcher, "Lasgun" Any variation of this starting loadout seems...
  17. Commissariat

    Bug Change Gang Picture

    Hello! Is anyone else having issues changing their gang picture, the top right hand corner image, in the gang-management page? None of my discord community can seem to get it to work. Thanks! Commi
  18. Commissariat

    Tabletop Simulator / Discord: [NCE] Campaigns Information

    Hello! This is probably a very niche recruitment message, but I would like to share nonetheless. Myself and several others have been playing a long classic-style NCE campaign on Tabletop Simulator and Discord. We are starting up a second campaign and you are invited...
  19. Commissariat

    [NCE] Ash Waste Nomads LRB Conversion

    Hello, This is an update of the LRB rules to NCE rules that I produced for my discord community and campaign. They are not perfect, but it is updated to NCE language. The only concern I have, at the moment, is a good revision for Double-Bladed Knife. Thanks, Commi (@Narwhal King here you go)
  20. Commissariat

    [NCE] Shooting Skills & Heavies

    For Gang Leaders & Heavies Having played a lot of ORB and then transitioned into having played at least forty games of NCE: The shooting skills all seem washed down. Half of them only benefit basic/pistols and the other half are decent but not worth the risk of rolling a basic-weapon advance. If...