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  1. drdrybrush

    Necromunda Small Scale Munda

    Greetings hive scum! I'm doing an intro game day of Necromunda to my local hobby group and it'll be a (mostly) multilayer affair (4 ish) and when needed I'll step in as some evil doer/bigger threat Arbitrator style. Basically I'll be using the rules set up from the Gang Raid WD supplement sp...
  2. drdrybrush

    Necromas Songs

    Xmas songs munda style! Leave a title from the album "Now that's what I call Corpse Startch" and add a few lines, I'll go first! Track 1: Orlockin' around the ammo tree. "Orlockin' around the ammo tree At the Cirpse startch process plant Heretics hung where you can see Every Cawdor tries to...
  3. drdrybrush

    Necromunda What cars for which gang?

    What cars(or trucks or motorcycles) would each necromunda gang drive? Can be real or 40k univers 🙂 Discuss
  4. drdrybrush

    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Greetings hive scum! I'm starting this thread so that I can share channel updates with you lot for the ongoing Dark Uprising set in Hive Galatus between the ruthless Enforcers and the misguided Cawdor splinter faction, the Brotherhood of the Dying Light. Firstly I just want to say thanks to...
  5. drdrybrush

    Show me what you got!

    Treat this threat as a place to dump any links to cool necromunda stuff be it youtube, Pinterest, twitch, instagram, audio dramas, fan art, fan fiction, lore, podcasts,blogs whatever! Just post a brief description and a link for the tribe to enjoy 🙂
  6. drdrybrush

    How to share ang lists

    Greetings tribe, How would one copy a gang list from here to add to a youtube video description? Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. drdrybrush

    Battle reports

    Greetings tribe! I've got an idea for how to present battles on my channel but I like them all 🤣 some take more time than others but who cares! Need some cool underhive stuff for us all to enjoy
  8. drdrybrush

    Zone Mortalis Tile Restock Intell Anyone?

    Does anyone know or know-a-guy-who-knows-a-guy that knows when, if ever ZM floor tiles are coming back??? I have offered 3 skulls to khorne but nothing as yet...
  9. drdrybrush

    Youtube Noob help

    Hi, Basically I've watched too many videos from Winters SEO and MiniGamingMontage and have somewhat lost my mind and decided that, for me, a part of my hobby is now telling storys of Necromunda game reports and putting them on the interwebs for people to love/hate or whatever. I have a full...
  10. drdrybrush


    Does anyone have a pdf link for the "gang raids" supplement from WD December 2019 (I think) can't find them for looking so any help is appreciated 🙂
  11. drdrybrush

    N18 Necromunda Wounds and Injury

    Say a model has 2 wounds. It is shot with a rapid fire weapon that ends up causing 4 points of unsaved damage (for the sake of an example). The target is reduced to 0 wounds. My understanding is that at the 0 wound point an injury dice would be rolled and the 2 remaining points of damage...
  12. drdrybrush

    N18 Hardcase Cyber Mastiff

    Apologies if this is a frequent question and has been answered a billion times but hey ho, can my enforcers/subjugators take a hardcase cyber mastiff as a status item/pet and if so ,how/ when can this be done? Thanks for the noob help