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  1. GraaEminense

    N18 The Complete Campaign?

    Has anyone yet done the work of compiling the various campaigns and optional rules into a single system? I'm considering writing everything into a single "campaign document" for our next campaign and want to include as much as possible, but just slotting everything into a Dominion or Misrule...
  2. GraaEminense

    Bug GSC bugs

    Underhive tools: GSC neophyte with the Specialist promotion becomes an Aberrant specialist. No stat change, but can't add weapons etc. The annoying GSC house list tax on heavy stubbers (145c over 130c) is also present in the trading post. That's fine when things are discounted, but annoying here.
  3. GraaEminense

    N18 Book of Peril troubles

    So I have read through Book of Peril. I like it a lot, there are many good ideas, but there's still no one proofreading anything at SG HQ. 1) Venators. Choosing your own skills and statline, easy access to BS3+ and BS2+... aren't these just a little too good, and aren't some of the statlines...
  4. GraaEminense

    N18 Houseruling the equipment rules

    I'm thinking about house rules for the "no clippers"-rules, and I'd appreciate some feedback on house-ruling them. Currently we have 4 "special" rules regarding equipment: -Juves can't have things worth more than 20c before they gain an advance. -Gangers can only gain special weapons when...
  5. GraaEminense

    N18 Plague zombies

    We're planning to introduce the zombie plague into the campaign in the near future and we're discussing house rules to do so. I have a couple of ideas, and would like input. Are these rules too harsh? Too easy? Do they slow down the game too much? Plague Zombies: Plague Zombies have the...
  6. GraaEminense

    N18 Venators in campaigns?

    How do Venators work in a Dominion campaign? I am well aware that their rules were written for Turf War and never upgraded, but there are other issues as well. How do people get them to work? 1) They can't hold Turf (no one does) or Special Territories (no one does). They get money for their...
  7. GraaEminense

    N18 3D terrain for 2D-munda?

    I'm looking to improve my games of "Zone Mortalis" 2D-munda with 3D models of the BZD hazards to place on the tiles. I like playing in the tunnels, but pretending like drawings are models puts me off. Does anyone know if there's anything like that on the market, or if anyone made files for...
  8. GraaEminense

    N18 Sentries?

    So we've had a few games with the Sentry rules and another one coming up today (yay, holidays!). I can't quite figure out how they work. First, the Sneak Attack scenario has random selection of sentries BUT allows you to declare any number of fighters unfit or too important... Doesn't that...
  9. GraaEminense

    N18 Exotic beasts and how to use them?

    We had a game yesterday where a whole lot of questions regarding pets cropped up and I'd like to get some thoughts on the matter. Pets are wargear, but they get their own fighter card and "follow all the normal rules for fighters" except the listed exceptions. So... Does it count as a fighter...
  10. GraaEminense

    N18 Free armor and costs associated *spawn

    Removing a fighter's starting armour is now an option (yay!) but it still doesn't reduce their cost as it should. A ganger putting on mesh (15c) and sending their starting flak (10c) to the stash should only increase their value by +5c.
  11. GraaEminense

    N17 Alternative Ambot model?

    Getting tired of waiting for the Ambot, so I'm planning to get an alternative model for my Genestealer Cult. My best idea right now is to give the GSC Abominant or Broodlord a suitable gun and call it a day. The statline fits well enough and Infiltrate is spot on. However, the idea of...
  12. GraaEminense

    N17 Gangers' starting armour

    A question of armour and gang rating. If I buy a new set of armour for a ganger who starts with an inferior set -like buying a new set of mesh armour for my Genestealer Cultist with hazard suit- the old armour goes into the stash and can be sold or handed to someone else. But what happens to...
  13. GraaEminense

    N17 Named bounty hunters?

    Bounty hunter question, slightly influenced by the fact that I'm dropping by the Forgeworld store tomorrow... Are there any of the current named bounty hunters with models (Yolanda, Kria, Belladonna, Eyros, Gor, Grendl) which are clearly useless or really worth their fee? They're different...
  14. GraaEminense

    Different base sizes?

    When Necromunda was created, all non-monstrous infantry in 40K was on 25mm bases. The last few years, GW has started differentiating: Now there's 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and above. It doesn't make any difference for 95% of all Necromunda models, but if you're using multipurpose miniatures (Genestealer...
  15. GraaEminense

    Genestealer Cult Lore

    So I'm jumping on the bandwagon, what with SW:A and Necromunda and having secured a box of Overkill on the cheap. I'm looking around for rules for Genestealer cults in Necromunda, and I'm only moderately satisfied with the offerings. I'm considering tweaking them a bit to accomodate all the...
  16. GraaEminense

    Alternating movement -why not?

    Not trying to sell an idea, just looking for flaws. I'm considering trying out alternating movement rather than the traditional IGO-UGO. To be specific, I'm thinking about stealing from Bolt Action: Each gang gets a number of tokens in a bag equal to the number of models they have. We draw a...
  17. GraaEminense

    Textured paint for terrain?

    Hi all. My Necromunda table project is continuing at its glacial pace, and I'm looking for textured spray paints for terrain building. I know there are powder options out there, but I'm lazy and want the easy version -spray paint, something along the line of the old GW roughcoat. Anyone got...
  18. GraaEminense

    Necromunda Alternative Goliaths?

    Hi all, I'm looking to expand my collection (as if I didn't have piles of unfinished stuff already) with a Goliath gang. The only reason for this is the look: Goliaths have an '80s-Hollywood-movie-punk aesthetic that I adore, combined with Ahnold-physiques. However, original Necromunda stuff...
  19. GraaEminense

    Necromunda Buying scenery?

    So I had a quick look and couldn't find any recent threads on this topic (sorry if I overlooked one). I'm in the (admittedly very slow) process of building a board, and I'm thinking about expanding the Underhive. We have a fair amount of cardboard, but I'm wanting something more... 3D. Now, I...
  20. GraaEminense

    New player, new Cawdor

    Hi all, joined this illustrious forum for its extensive Vaults and, hopefully, for some advice. I played Necromunda a bit when it came out and enjoyed it thoroughly, but it never took off in my circle. Now, finally, it seems I'll get to give it a go again and I need to get a gang going. I...