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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    (Campaign Event#1) Van Saar vs Cawdor vs Escher vs Guilders Caravan Heist with a Dash of Kidnapping</b> ------------------------------ The Guilders were moving some newly “employed” hanger on through an old abandoned facility. Rumors had spread that they were moving and they expected some...
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    Ruins of Vogen: Week#1 - (Battle#3) Van Saar vs Cawdor: Sneak Attack ------------------------------ Tom had a plan. A plan to get even for the lost that the Van Saar gang dealt him. He would defile their sacred relic deep in the heart of the Van Saar territory. In the pitch dark of night. Tom...
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    Ruins of Vogen – Occupation Week#1 - (Battle#2) Van Saar vs Goliath Stand Off ------------------------------ The Syndicate took positions around the field as the Jokers stomped around. The Jokers laughing and taunting the Syndicate. The unclothed brutes not attempting a stealthy approach. With...
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    One of the gang leaders has been ill so the narratives are delayed. Ruins of Vogen – Occupation Week#1 - (Battle#1) Goliath vs Escher: Sabatoge ------------------------------ Bashlode and his Jokers crept through the tunnels as they approached the Escher totem. He was not going to allow them...
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    Apologies for the late update. Have been under the weather, the campaign narratives have suffered.
  6. necrmap06. Occupation Week#2 Battle#2

    necrmap06. Occupation Week#2 Battle#2

    Campaign Event: Cawdor, Escher and Van Saar attempt to sabotage a Guilder caravan. Whilst the caravan escapes, the gangs use the turmoil to steal two territories from the Guilder's grasp.
  7. necrmap05. Occupation Week#2 Battle#1

    necrmap05. Occupation Week#2 Battle#1

    The Goliaths and Cawdor skirmish and the Goliaths chase the Cawdor away from the Skyless bridge
  8. necrmap04. Occupation Week#1 Battle#4

    necrmap04. Occupation Week#1 Battle#4

    Van Sarr claim the Ash Market after a battle with the Eschers
  9. necrmap03. Occupation Week#1 Battle#3

    necrmap03. Occupation Week#1 Battle#3

    Cawdor claim the Wrecked Alleyways from VanSaar
  10. necrmap02. Occupation Week#1 Battle#2

    necrmap02. Occupation Week#1 Battle#2

    Golaiths claim the Lawless Stores from the VanSaar
  11. Occupation Week#1 Battle#1

    Occupation Week#1 Battle#1

    Goliaths claim the Old Hablocks from the Echers
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    "As the dust starts the settled the gangs have established their territory and rumblings of skirmishes are heard over the city." -------------------- Using the standard Dominion we have decided on 12 territories, using the "Into the Unknown" a deck of territories has been created and after the...
  13. Ruins of Vogen (Occupation)

    Ruins of Vogen (Occupation)

    Initial occupation Map for Necrumunda Campaign.
  14. BdaGamer - Necromuda

    BdaGamer - Necromuda

    Random images aof gnags and campaign maps
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    [BERMUDA] Ruins of Vogen - (Into the Underhive p2)

    After an enjoyable initiation to Necromunda by Turf War. The group has expanded by one player and we are diving headlong into our next campaign. Borrowing some house rules found on Yaktribe, we decided on the following as our campaign rules. The campaign will be narrative based with small...
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    N17 consolidated rules pdf - Stand off

    We will transition to the new system in the new year for the next Campaign cycle. Players will be glad to know of that change.
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    N17 consolidated rules pdf - Stand off

    Thanks for the update. I'm guessing the new complied BRB will help with clarification. So what is Turf War for now? is Dominion the only option for a campaign? I guess this is the downside of getting into Necromunda late. Has been abit hard to keep up with the releases *lol*
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    N17 consolidated rules pdf - Stand off

    Hi, I dont know if this is in the right thread. My local group was using the compiled pdf to play but we noticed a difference int he Stand Off Scenario. Was the pdf does ot include the Turf increase, whilst GW1 does. Was this removed by GW or an error in the pdf? We only recently got the GW1...