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  1. Daganisoraan

    N18 NCE Random versus N18 non-random advancement options

    Here's some thought I wanted to write about the advancement differences between NCE and N18 and attempts to adapt N18 to a random process like NCE. Old vs New vs FAN dichotomy One of the problem of NEWmunda (N17+) vs OLDmunda (OBR/NCE) is that people are comparing a non-random advancement...
  2. Daganisoraan

    N18 Van Saar nerf, lower toughness?

    Lately I have been looking at standardizing the stats of the various gangs and thought of something concerning the Van Saars (yeah I know its in the title). But first, here's some things in order. Assume that all the following Van Saar variants have the same skill options, weapon list and start...
  3. Daganisoraan

    NCE Real template of the Hand Flamer IF you just need to touch its borders

    I know this subject has been covered a lot, but still, this is interesting. I was curious to see what is the real look of the hand flamer template if it use the same rules as the other template, aka a mini only needs to touch its border. Here's the bonker result (refer to the image on the right...