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    Necromunda Hive Mechaniscum

    For some reason I'm really into taking normal 40k models and bashing them with Necromunda gangs. My first attempt was the Blade Sisters (Escher + Sororatas) and here's my second - the Hive Mechaniscum* (Cawdor + AdMech): Tech-priest Dominus + Cawdor Skitarii Marshal + Cawdor...
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    Blade Sisters (an Escher/Sororatas kitbash)

    I decided I wanted to do something different for my Escher gang (which my partner is going to play) so I got a box of Battle Sisters and a Box of Repentia to go with what I already had. I could really use some help on figuring out their lore though... Anyway... This is how it started (Palatine...
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    When to glue? (Necromunda related)

    How modular do y'all keep your terrain? I have 2 ZM walls and 2 ZM stairs sets and I'm questioning what I should glue down vs what you be freeform. How often you you change your layout?
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    The Forgotten Cast

    I've seen people convert Corvus Cabal into Cawdor before and thought "That's so cool!" So I started doing that and changed my mind and made a Corvus gang with a single member from every other gang - The Forgotten Cast (Cawdor, Goliath, Van Saar, Orlock, Delaque, Escher) Cawdor Van Saar...
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    N18 Are there any models that are simply not possible to use?

    Necromunda has appealed to me as a game that says "These are guidelines moreso than rules..." and I've taken that to heart when creating some of my gangs/outcasts/etc. I am wondering though if there are any models that would be strictly too-out-of-place to use in the Hive? Things like...
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    N18 Psy-gheist base size: 25mm or 32mm?

    So I build my Psy-gheists today and noticed the one wearing the psychomancers harness is shown perched on a metal frame on a 32mm base while the non-harness one is on a 25mm base. Now I build my harnessed guy so I wouldn't have to perch him on the metal but now I'm wondering - is it a...
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    Moustache's Modelling Mayhem (and other such ramblings)

    So I decided that, to keep track of what I'm thinking about working on, what I'm actually working on, and what I've finished (each list smaller than the last sadly...), I'd do the Yak-thing and start a blog. I am not a painter and, until the summer of 2021, was not a miniature gamer. Now I have...