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    N18 Gene stealer cult list

    Hey there everybody, I’m looking to start a ehenstealer cult army in freburary and thought why it use them for necromunda too. So please critique this list, and as always thank you for your time.
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    N18 delaque and escher gangs

    hey there, I got the hive war set and I built two lists for these gangs, let me know if I got anything wrong or if the lists are just crap. as always, thank you for your attention.
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    N18 new enforcer gang

    hey there it's me again, I deleted the old roster and I couldn't figure out how to edit my original post so I'm putting the new list (that's hopefully not illegal this time) in this post here (sorry if I'm getting annoying). any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank for your time...
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    N18 opinions on this palanite enforcers gang

    hey there, I'm looking for some opinions on this enforcer gang (also I'm worried that this list is illegal rules wise) any feedback is appreciated. thank you for your time. (I think this is how I insert a list please inform me if I'm wrong)
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    N18 Load out suggestions for a person new to necromunda (palanite, orlock, Escher, delaque)

    Hey there I’m new and I’ve gotten the hive war set, the palanite enforcers (both types, and the orlocks (both types) and I’m asking for some load-out suggestions (sorry if this is annoying)