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  1. OrcJuice

    N18 Stimm-Slug & Hyper Chems

    Hello all, Quick question, do stimm-slugs stack with Escher Hyper chems? If so, the Goliath gang in my next campaign might be my best customer! As always, thanks in advance!
  2. OrcJuice

    N18 Two-Handed Power Sword

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the correct place or not, but in the ForgeWorld Escher Champions Weapons it includes a "Two-Handed Power Sword". I was wondering, is this a thing and where are the rules for it? Or is it just a power sword being wielded with two hands? For reference: Two-Handed...
  3. OrcJuice

    N18 Death Maidens, Pistols, and Toxins

    If this has been asked before, I apologize. Hopefully I can also ask my question in a way where it makes sense. Let's say my Death Maiden (equipped with a Plasma Pistol & Stiletto Sword) charges a Goliath. Let's say her Pistol hits twice and the Sword hits once. Can I administer all the Pistol...
  4. OrcJuice

    N18 Rolling Multiple Injury Dice

    This may be a dumb question, but here goes. For the sake of argument, my ganger gets blasted and my opponent rolls three injury dice against him resulting in 2 Flesh Wounds and a Serious Injury. The question is: Is only the serious injury applied or do the flesh wounds apply in addition to the...
  5. OrcJuice

    OrcJuice's Wants & Haves (Want: House of Blades, metal Escher Juves Have: OOP metal gangers from 90s)

    Hello Scummers, Gangers, and Champions, I am on the lookout for several things and I'll try to list them here: Plasma Cannon for Escher Champion (from the forgeworld Escher Champions Set) 1-2 Plasma Guns for Escher (from the GW Escher Weapons/Upgrades Set) A full Cawdor Champion with Heavy...
  6. OrcJuice

    N18 Infinity Miniatures

    Hey Scummers, Hivers, and Gangers, In my far travels away from Hive Primus I've come across another interesting miniatures game, Infinity. Are any of you familiar with it? I am not, but one thing I did find interesting is their beautiful assortment of models and figures. In my humble opinion...
  7. OrcJuice

    N18 Loot Crate Placement

    This may be a really dumb question, but how are loot crates placed? Are they placed every match? One for each gang? What keeps a gang from just placing them really close to where they begin? Thank you in advance
  8. OrcJuice

    N18 Fluff for Dominion Campaign

    If this has been asked before or I'm in the wrong place--first I apologize and second, please steer me in the right direction. In about a month, my playgroup is kicking off our first Dominion campaign with me as the first Arbiter. I'm familiar with narratives as I have DMed for years in both...
  9. OrcJuice

    N18 print out for bounty hunters/hive scum

    Hello all, Is there a collection of fighter cards for bounty hunters & hive scum? If so, could some friendly ganger (preferably an Orlock) point me in the right direction? :)
  10. OrcJuice

    N18 Experience Gained

    So, a newbie here to Newcrowmunda. I played the original back in high school, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, I'm working on cheat sheets for my new campaign since I'm the Arbiter. My question is: Is there a list of "basic xp gained" somewhere? For example: +1 XP for OoA an enemy +1 XP...
  11. OrcJuice

    N18 Cawdor/Redemptionist Friendly Games

    Hello all, I (and my playgroup) are just getting back into Necromunda since the 90s! I even have my old Cawdor metal figures! But I digress. I've read around on the internet about how horrible the Cawdor/Redemptionist gang is and my question is: In a friendly campaign (read not min/maxed), are...