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  1. Scavvierising

    Sealing/varnishing tips.

    Just painted up some old skool metal mini's. However the advice for protecting them seems a bit all over the place and then ends up talking more about products or airbrushing over aerosol etc. Got some good old fashioned pots to paint it on. 'ard coat for gloss and army painter anti-shine Matt...
  2. Scavvierising

    N18 N18+ as a skirmish battle game

    Just some ponderings that have entered my mind of late about possible future direction of the modern game. Now we've all seen them. The rules/guidelines to playing skirmish games and the one and two day event stuff as well. I've been to event's using variations of these and had a ruddy good...
  3. Scavvierising

    Chaos cult FAQ

    Looking at taking a chaos cult to the lgt will chaos spawn be purchasable as per the skirmish game rules?